You’ve got 20 seconds to comply!

While in traffic this morning....

It almost sounds like a death threat doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought it was when I was doing the school rounds this morning when a Darth Vader-esque voice tells me I have 20 seconds to comply. The kids weren’t in the car and I turned the radio down to pay attention to this repetitive command which went on for about 60 seconds so mathematically speaking I had been asked thrice to comply and I didn’t. *gasp*

I stopped the car on the road and went to rummage in the back seat to see if my car had been taken over by some hostile alien life form but nope. All I found was a crisp wrapper that my son had abandoned, some colouring pencils, a colouring book and two of those matchbox cars that my son loves to play with while buckled up in the car.

Colouring books and pencils to keep the kids occupied in the car

Then again I hear ‘You’ve got 20 seconds to comply’ and I go nuts looking for the source of this menacing threat and finally I looked under the seat and found a grotesque looking Barbie doll sized figurine that had a mask, flashing lights, a cloak, and boots that were painted on his legs. I’ve never bought my son such a toy so I assumed he must have swapped a toy with his friends. I do that with some friends of mine. Instead of buying new toys we do a toy rotation so that our kids feel they have new toys to play with and it’s very gentle on our pockets. Also they take utmost care of the toys because they know they don’t belong to them. Neat idea eh?

So anyway, those were my adventures this morning. Stopping on Red Hill Road in my tattered trackie bottoms while doing the school run with only 20 seconds to comply. And that dude in the white Lan Crusier with the UNEP plates, I hope you were hooting at me because you liked what you saw!! 😀

20 seconds to comply!!!!

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