Day at the Spa

Scented candles, incense, massage oils.... bliss!

Having a birthday is a good thing because people who love you and care about you tend to pamper and spoil you. I got gifted a day at a spa and kept putting it off because I didn’t really know what I was in for. Getting ‘nekkid’ in front of someone else isn’t my cup of tea at all. After some cajoling and a do-or-die threat from my son’s Godmother I gave in and marked my calendar that 26th June was Spa Day. I *almost* cancelled but then thought I might as well go. Why ruin a day out for the kids who were going to spend the day with their cousins.

I dressed in a t-shirt and leggings and slip ons with a jacket because it was cold. I mean, what does one wear to a spa?! Make up was just eye liner and a dash of lip-gloss and I had no accessories except my watch. So off we went and were greeted with amazing music in the background that put me at ease and the scent of incense wafted past my nostrils. The place was painted in earth hues and had an instant calming appeal. Looking at the swimming pool did make me shiver because it was cold but I could imagine myself having a dip in there on a very hot day.

So many treatments were available and I was bundled off to a room that smelt subtle and divine – I still can’t put my finger on what scent it was. I sat with a fabulous lady who did a mini question-answer session to determine what treatment I would require and off we went from there.

I have hardly an recollection of what she might have done during the reiki session because I fell asleep! I slept for ages and felt fabulous when I was gently woken up after about an hour. From there off we went for a quick lunch and then back at the spa again and then off for a decaff coffee which I strongly feel was probably brewed in a machine where caffeinated coffee filters through. I suddenly had palipitations and a strong urge to eat chocolate. I gave in to my urge – no need to fight it. I had a Twix.

The day was amazing and the evening was great spent with my family huddled up in the TV room watching America’s Got Talent. Pierre is just too mean. Also my body’s immune system packed up and I have caught a terrible cold so am sniffling away with tissues by my side and drinking lots of hote water, lemon and honey.

I seriously could do with a massage….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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