The Age Factor in a Relationship โ€“ Does it matter?

Age gaps in relations - Can they work?

We must applaud ourselves for becoming a much more tolerant society and also being open-minded enough to accept relationships between two people that surpass barriers of race, creed, skin colour, religion, tribe, sex, height and weight. (Ok the last two were just to check if youโ€™re still with me on this one…) So if weโ€™re tolerant of all this how come age in a relationship, especially an intimate one, is such an issue? I feel if both parties are above the legal consent age then there seriously should be no problem or hassle at all.

Perhaps my train of thought doesnโ€™t stop at the same station as yours or perhaps you think my train is totally derailed but I strongly feel that age doesnโ€™t really matter unless youโ€™re a cheese. Maturity is over-rated to tell you the truth. Who says that when youโ€™re 20 you are still not able to decide what you want from Life and experience has to teach you until you are able to make rational decisions? First of all, what deems a rational decision? Iโ€™m harping on about this because I know of a 23 year old man who is madly in love with a 31 year old woman. They happen to be very close friends of mine and have shared their concerns with me. He is beyond understanding why she cannot just accept him and stop thinking heโ€™s still a man-child while she is scared that people will think she is cradle-snatching.

I must have lost my cool several times while trying to make her understand that the world always has a bloody opinion on everyone else except their own dysfunctional lives so she ought to just forget what the world thinks or says and just give this relationship a chance. How will you know itโ€™s the one if you donโ€™t even give it a chance? What if this is THE ultimate love you will ever receive in your life; the companion your soul has been searching for so long? Youโ€™ll end up losing out just because you were busy keeping the world happy by following standards of what they think as the norm.

She is scared to commit to him because she thinks as she grows older he will lose interest in her and find someone younger. He is upset with her for thinking his love for her is fickle. The love between the two of them is greatly evident. They bring the best out in each other yet there is this feeling of holding back all because she is scared what society will think or say.

Iโ€™ll probably be jailed for three months or be fined a horrendous amount of money if I gestured my opinion on what the world thinks of this. I donโ€™t CARE what the bloody world thinks. When times are bad, where are these same people who were helping themselves by cashing in on your happiness being all happy and smiley and huggy and kissy when things were going good for you? As soon as you have a down moment they run away from you faster than Usain Bolt.

Stop giving a toss about what people think. If you are two consenting adults and you know what youโ€™re getting into, stop worrying about what the world will think. No one lets you live even though they all want that privilege extended to themselves. Itโ€™s a world full of hypocrisy that thrives on riding high on other peoplesโ€™ problems. Shake these no good bastards out of your life and get on with what YOU feel is right and not what the world THINKS is right because these are the very people who will be drinking the champagne at your wedding reception toasting to your health and happiness and wishing you all the happiness in the world while telling the whole world that they encouraged you to get together in the first place when theyโ€™re the very people who were gasping in shock and horror and having mock heart attacks when they first heard that you and your partner have a big age gap.

Mean as it sounds, I feel such mock heart attacks should probably become real and measure 8.9 on the Richter scale… Bastards like that deserve it. Huh!

5 thoughts on “The Age Factor in a Relationship โ€“ Does it matter?

  1. I’m a sap and pro love so for me age is very irrelevant. I think finding someone you love who loves you back is hard enough without unnecessary hurdles.


  2. This is one of my favorite articles! Age is just a number and to hell with all the opinionated people! True love is so rare to find. Forget all the insecurities and get on with life & enjoy every moment!


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