Mini Makeover

At the Hair Salon

I crave those Extreme Makeovers like in the TV show but no one seems to be offering to change my life completely so I decided to give myself a mini makeover. I started with my hair first. My stylist, Parin, is the only one I trust with my hair. So when he starts putting stuff on my hair that looks like something you ought to flush down the loo, I just breathe normally and allow him to get on with it. I decided to get my hair restyled and Parin did a fabulous job as always and then on impulse he decided to let me try something out. Itโ€™s called a Hair Detox. Iโ€™ve heard of a liver detox, body detox and people detox but never a hair detox so thought nothing of it and tried it out. My hair felt like a mixture of silk and velvet after this treatment! It took all of 10 minutes and when I left the salon I looked like those models (from the hair only โ€“ not the body!) who do shampoo commercials except that my hair wasnโ€™t swinging around in slow motion. I felt AWESOME! Now to get rid of all those extra kilos, straighten the teeth and I’m good to go!

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