My Sexy New Addiction

So I’m thinking the iPhone I was gifted by the CEO of Safaricom, Michael Joseph, was THE ultimate in the gifts I have ever received. I thought wrong! My Yummy just gifted me an iPad for my birthday!

The Sexy New iPad - my newest addiction

First of all there’s a huge furore who this Yummy is all of a sudden. I’ll just let you think whatever you want. Usually the simplest of explanations is usually made complex by curious others so I’m just going to leave it and smile away.

Coming back to my gorgeous iPad…! It’s a sleek tablet that looks like a big iPhone. My Googlee’s eyes widened with shock when he saw the iPad charging on my bedside.

‘Your iPhone’s grown up Mummy!’ he exclaimed. That had me laughing a lot actually. Googlee’s a dab hand with the iPhone and he was simply mesmerised at being allowed to scroll through the iPad. Dream Girl is just sceptical of all things new but eventually curiosity won and she allowed herself to feel the same excitement Googlee was having a hard time containing.

I don’t blame them…. on a scale of 1-10 my excitement levels were hovering on 29. I love my new iPad immensely. It’s a dream to use. Also I got to hear from the fabulous Michael Joseph himself who dispatched a MicroSim in no time for me to optimise my use of the iPad.

You know what…. I love being me. I want to be me when I grow up. It’s Yummy.


A huge leap from iPhone 3GS to the sexy new iPad

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