EleKtriK Blankets and Kamal…

It’s bloody cold in Nairobi and before you mock our temperatures because you have lived through minus 40, you must realise that Kenya is a tropical country so we’re used to the warm weather and when the temperatures get as low as 14 degrees Centigrade we start shivering. Brrrr!!!

So last night I’m chatting with my friend on the phone who is experiencing a heat wave in the UK (sounds like an oxymoron isn’t it…?) and I’m shivering away when he kindly offers to send me an electric blanket. I gasped – for all the wrong reasons.

Electric Blanket - sounds warm but keep me away!

I am NOT going to fall asleep under a blanket that works with electricity. I’ll get COOKED! Or even worse, electrocuted! I have always leaned towards the preference of dying a natural death as opposed to one I am pushed towards unnaturally. ย All my friend could do was laugh at me not realising what a phobia it is for me. I have other phobias which I’ll get into later but for now… NO ELECTRIC BLANKETS! There are better ways of becoming toast…

And you… yes you… the one on the phone with me last night… laugh all you want. ย I’ll get back at you… ๐Ÿ™‚

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