Makhan Singh Memory Walk

Karura Forest is the biggest forest for any city in the world. Unfortunately Kenyans are busy yawning as their future gets chopped down. In an effort to curb this, the Simba Union Nairobi has organised a 10km walk and tree planting drive. Details of the event are as follows:

DATES:             Sunday 8th August 2010

TIME:               7.00AM TO 9.00AM


DIRECTIONS:    Drive up to SHELL/ BP CLUB (opposite Canadian High Commision) and park securely there.

CHARGES:         500/= Per Adult, Under 16 & Over 65 years FREE AND OPEN TO ALL

DISTANCE:       Approximately 5km (junior) AND 10km (adults)

Please come appropriately dressed in walking / running shoes etc. Water shall be provided This time around the Walkers and runners will start off straightway from 7 am onwards after registering. Walkers / Runners will only be allowed to go on the route till 7.20 AM.

You arrive at the club, register and start straight away.

The Shell/ BP Club is not marked with a banner on the main road like it used to be so follow the signs See you on Sunday 8th Aug 2010 at 7:00 AM!

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