Wii What?

Wii Console - Black Beauty!

February 2010 brought with it a lot of nice things. It brought back a friend from the lost, it brought my Googlee’s 5th birthday, it also brought Valentine’s Day which I’m not into that much, and a brand new Nintendo Wii Console!

So the Wii gets ordered in the UK and is brought about a week after Googlee’s birthday. There’s lots of excitement in the house and you’d think that me being technologically update than the average woman my age I’d have put it up right away and gotten on with life right? Wrong.

I have this beautiful roll up study desk in the guest room where the Wii stuff has been stored in for the last 6 months. I mean it. All unopened, still wrapped and taped and securely stored away. And for a long time Yummy has been hounding me to get it connected for Googlee before it went out of fashion. I thought only shoes and bags and clothes went out of fashion…

So anyway, after making promises for a very long time, I managed to get the stuff out of the desk and into the TV room but didn’t connect it. Give me some credit – it took me 6 months to get it out of there, I had to let the equipment get used to the new room! So finally I promised I would set it up and sat down to unpack it properly and discovered one thing that was glaringly obvious….


Too many wires and thingybobs for the Wii!

I had a biology teacher in the UK who, after every test or exam, used to throw our answer sheets at us with big fat red Fs and say ‘If all else fails, read the instructions.’ It was a lesson well learnt so I tend to read instructions before failing completely. I’m proud to say I managed to set it up eventually and also managed to sus out the settings on the TV for it to be compatible with the Wii. Yayyyy for Kamal.

So there you go. Kamal’s not that useless. Though I have it on authority that my 5 year old would have been able to set it up in 10 minutes flat. I don’t doubt that for one minute….

2 thoughts on “Wii What?

  1. thumbs up !!! Really nice post to read the lesson of “If all else fails, read the instructions”…….. this has helped me a lot over the years…..


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