Vote for Kunal Vadgama!

Vote for Kunal Vadgama!

Ok this isn’t your normal voting procedure. This is something AWESOME and i would really love it if you voted for my friend’s sister for having THE MOST AWESOME pic ever. This is a competition organised by Clarins. It’s their ‘Get Energised’ competition and Kunal could win R20,000 worth of shopping. Isn’t that awesome?!

Here’s the deal….  Before the 31st of August, Kunal needs bajillion votes to win and with your help she can manage. Now in case you’re sitting there wondering ‘What will I get if i vote for her?’ Well, life is not all about getting. It’s also about doing good for someone else and you can be assured that when Kunal gets the prize she will surely thank you from the bottom of her heart for it while she slathers on some of her Clarins Super Restorative Wake-Up Lotion.

So this is what you gotta do… Go to this page

You will have to allow the application so that you can vote and the picture you will vote for is the one you see here at the top. Isn’t it an awesome pic? My toes curl at the thought of being that high. Don’t look down!!!! 🙂

So be nice and vote for Kunal and you could count that as your good deed of the day. She’s almost at number one… your vote could make sure that she IS number one.


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