An Eventful Evening

Being in the industry that I work in, it is not entirely surprising that I get requested to attend events and MC. Last Saturday I got to MC the wedding reception of a prominent family in Nairobi who had left no stone unturned to ensure their only son’s wedding was an event remembered by all.

A classy affair that didn’t allow you to think even once that it bordered on showing off or was tacky. A wonderful affair that had everyone nodding in agreement that it was a classy affair.

The evening itself was splendid indeed. As I was MCing, I was requested to be there really very early. I got there and was a bit unsure of where to go because as I walked in there was a huge stage set up and a band seemed to be warming up. I stood around for a good ten minutes feeling silly and then I see a bloke gesturing me to come and sit down with them. I go over and it’s Bally Sagoo who’s really nice and pleasant and ordered me a cup of tea while we watched the band on stage.

Bally Sagoo and KK

The band is joined by Adnan Sami and it was amazing the way he was ‘warming up’. World class entertainment with just a warm up. I felt very privileged to be part of all this.

Adnan Sami during rehearsals

Sumitra Iyer who is the winner of a singing contest called Voice of India was also there to entertain and she was really good as well.

In all I did enjoy myself thoroughly albeit being back-stage. Generally at functions like this I just ‘lend’ my voice and rarely ever go on stage to speak so that I don’t bring too much attention on myself. Hard to believe but I’m a bit shy like that…!


3 thoughts on “An Eventful Evening

  1. Well done !!! hun very proud of u. If a woman decides she can do alot even if shiz on her own , there is no limit to stop a woman achieve anything she wants and you have proved it , Bravo!!!


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