Car Wash Fun at the Junction!

Car Wash Fun!

Autism Awareness Kenya is a society that was formed in April 2010. Their main goals involve creating awareness and helping the families and individuals in any way they can. They are an umbrella of organizations that include professionals and parents as well.

Every year they aim to provide an awareness event in April (Worldwide Autism Awareness Month) and educate our society on autism and how to recognize it early. Their last event in April 2010 was very successful.

The Society is having a fundraising car wash event on the 25th September 2010 to raise some funds to help meet our goals at the Junction Mall on Ngong Road from 8am to 6pm.

They need your help to supply t-shirts, water, soap, buckets, sponges, banners, drinking water, legal permits and other items to help make the event successful. Any volunteers will be great as well.

Go on – do your good deed of the day for this worthy cause.


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