Cats & Dogs – The Revenge of Kitty Galore

When my kids beg to go to the cinemas, I may groan out aloud but I love their choice of movies and nothing like a good clean movie you can watch with kids and have a good laugh. Last week I got freebie tickets from my colleague Ruhila and on a Thursday evening took the kids to watch a movie. The kids were shrieking with disbelief. It was a school night โ€“ had Mummy gone off her rocker? Well, not really. The tickets were expiring that night and I calculated weโ€™d be home way before bed-time so all was well.

So in a nutshell we all know that the longest running battle in the history of the Universe has got to be between two well known armies โ€“ Cats and Dogs. One feline seems to have gone crazy; she was a former agent for cat spy organisation called MEOWS and because of a freak accident gets shunned from her family home. She goes the rogue way and hatches a diabolical plan to bring the canine enemy to heel and while sheโ€™s at it, she will take down the kitty comrades too.

This can mean only one thing. The Dogs and the Cats have to forge forces (gasp) and do the unlikely thing of fight as one. There is no choice โ€“ they have to save themselves and their humans too. The tag line of the movie sums it up โ€“ Itโ€™s time for the fur to fly.

I loved the one-liners in this movie and thoroughly enjoyed the whole animated and computer graphics action. The dogs were cute and Iโ€™ll be nice to cats even though I have allergy issues and say that Roger Moore as a cat was very becoming.

Itโ€™s a movie to be enjoyed by kids and adults too. Go on and watch it.

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