For Your Information

Utumishi Kwa Wote

Police Abstracts which previously used to be purchased at Divisional Police Headquartersย countrywide. Please be informed that the followingย Police Abstract Forms are now availableย FREE OF CHARGE as downloads on the Kenya ย Police Websiteยย In the event you require one kindly go to the site and under Downloads, print the relevant form which you may thenย take to the Police Station where the incident or accident was initially reported for filling.

1. ย  ย  ย  P3 Form – Medical forms for injured persons (criminal or accidental)
2. ย  ย  ย  Traffic Accident Abstract
3. ย  ย  ย  Loss of Identity Card
4. ย  ย  ย  Loss of Driving Licence
5. ย  ย  ย  Loss of Household Goods

The following Kenya Police feedback e-mail addresses are also active and may be used by all, if required.

1. ย  ย The Commissioner:ย

2. ย  ย Police Spokesman:ย

3. ย  ย Complaints:ย

4. ย  ย Customer Care Desk:ย

5. ย  ย Web Enquiries:ย

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