Ivraj Mudher’s New Single

Ivraj Mudher

He brought us Moonlit Memories which is a reflection of inspiration of man in his endeavour to live one day at a time. It’s a great track and Ivraj is on his way to study at University next week and just before he goes he has gifted us with yet another fabulous track that he has written, sung and produced. He is talent unlimited!

This is what Ni Wewe Tu means to him…

Ni Wewe Tu

This is an inspiration from life. Life actually has so much to offer in store, good and bad, gained and lost opportunities, lovers and haters. What matters most is how you handle the negative encounters in life. You may choose to live in the past negative experiences and end up nowhere or choose to move on into new territories with the determination to get the best out of life. This is my reason for โ€œNi Wewe Tuโ€ There is this girl whom we did so much together but I never paid attention to her. May be circumstances couldnโ€™t allow it. When I realized that she was worth knowing, it was too late for me for I couldnโ€™t get hold of her. There are these opportunites with people in life, we live next to them or get to do things together but we tend not to realize that they are persons you would have wanted to know better, when you suddenly do, it is too late that we cant get hold of them.ย โ€œNi Wewe Tuโ€ helps me choose to move on and it should also help those who have been in such situations out there.

Listen out for his new hit on East FM, Kenya’s Premier Asian Mix on 106.3 in Nairobi and 89.5 in Mombasa.

2 thoughts on “Ivraj Mudher’s New Single

  1. Easy,
    Big up ivraj
    Big tings a gwan .
    Kamal K cheers for all the entertainment, news and tips provided by the korner


  2. Amazing song..I can feel your feelings for that someone special. I wish she realises this soon and yu get what yu have missed this while.. Wish yu luck for your future. God Bless


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