Churchill Live

He’s my colleague at Radio Africa but I never get to see him – except the staff Christmas party where he makes us laugh so much that we forget to get ‘high’ on the drinks.

Right! So the show starts and it starts with a bang. Previously I have only watched Churchill Live on Youtube, those short four minute clips that leave you begging for more. The thing is Kiswahili yangu sio sanifu kabisa but I can get by and I did laugh at his jokes quite a bit. I thought it would be an hour’s worth of stand up comedy but he had some interesting guests on board too and guest comedians as well. The live band adds to the ambience and now I am just itching to watch him live. I loved his top hat and tails (wale wanafikiri nita toa sungura kwa kofia) and his posh British accent which I really wished he had stuck to throughout the episode.ย Kayamba Africa were great as a finale.

Enjoyed the show. I will definitely watch it next Thursday at 7.30pm again. You can watch it on NTV and if you have a dodgy ariel like mine you can use your DSTV decoder and jump to channel 138 and have a good laugh if you can manage to tear yourself from the shenanigans on Big Brother Africa.



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