Nairobi Big Brother!

Traffic in most cities in the world is bad but of late in Nairobi it’s nothing but horrendous and it’s such a hassle wondering what road will be free when so that you can make your important journey across town without getting needlessly stuck.

Well fear no more because Big Brother type cameras are now all over Nairobi (probably not in your bathroom, thankfully) and you can check out the situation of the roads with a simple click.

So now, planning your journey can be pretty much easier when you access these cameras and check out the situation on the roads. Pretty neat huh…?

Oh… and it’s FREE!!!


3 thoughts on “Nairobi Big Brother!

  1. Hey, ur site is cool, i’ve become a regular reader (reading is my passion, i like read anything and everything). Keep up the remarkable work, i admire ur writing skills ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hehe nice stuff,

    Love it that they’ve put up cameras for mombasa as well. Hahaha
    Like we need cameras here in mombasa. It’s always the same old same old


  3. Dunno what happened.
    Didn’t get to finish my comment.
    Anywayas I was about to type
    Here is the standard mombasa traffic update at 5
    Yes we are all blocked uptil saba saba, looks like its going to take 45 minutes to get through. Oh yeah the mandatory kokoteni or broken down cartuk tuk which is slowing down the traffic even more.

    On digo road is the same situation going to take half hour to get through with matatus taking up half the road.oh yes and some truck has to do a delivery right at rush hour so taking around the other half.

    And should I even start with moi avenue?

    gave me good chuckle for the gloomy cloudy monday morning in london



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