Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh on SaReGaMaPa

I’ve always adored Rishi Kapoor from ages ago. He’s so handsome and he comes from a family in Bollywood that I have always admired. I’ve been a great fan of his father, Raj Kapoor’s as well and Rishi got totally gelled in my mind as an awesome person when I bumped into him, Neetu Singh, Ranbir and Ridhima while they were idly window shopping at the Sarit Centre. I was too overwhelmed to ask for an autograph and would you believe it, I seemed to be the only one who recognised them because they didn’t have screaming fans around them! Just an ordinary family enjoying a day out at a mall…

Tonight the fabulous couple were on Zee TV’s singing show SaReGaMaPa and I absolutely loved seeing them together. Neetu wore a gorgeous red ‘anarkali’ suit with gold trimmings and stunning hair while Rishi looked blah in a blue oversized sweatshirt but it didn’t diminish his good looks. He’s still as handsome as ever and I feel he’s one star who oozes charm in real life and reel life. Neetu was a good sport and when Rishi was asked on stage to lip sync a qawali picturised on both of them, the couple came on stage and were great sports going along with the song.

And the best thing about them…? That they are still so obviously in love with each other after all these years.

2 thoughts on “Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh on SaReGaMaPa

  1. Wow he’s actually starting to look like his dad.
    Its uncanny the resemblance between him and his dad don’t you think so Kamal?


  2. Yes Kamal d, i too watched the whole show the day it was aired, whatever you say is totally correct, they were so open and respectful to every singer and it shows how they’ve kept that bond. PS did u see their pretty daughter in law…lol


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