Its all about OUR heroes! By Rashpal Chana

This piece has been done by my niece Rashpal Chana who is presently studying IB. She’s dead smart, she is!  Here’s a glimpse of her perspective on her hero…

Kenyans are unique people! We search everywhere, high and low for our country’s heroes. They did not hesitate to take any step against the colonizers in order to achieve independence for the whole nation.


Which Kenyan hero was the leader of the Mau Mau Rebellion during the period of 1952 to 1960?

Keep thinking… any guesses? Yes this national hero showed sheer bravery in severely opposing the British Colonial government. His leadership qualities inspired the whole Kikuyu tribe who worshipped him like a hero in the freedom struggle of Kenya. He is none other than the famous Dedan Kimathi.

Dedan Kimathi is my hero, without him we would not have independence we would still be fighting, and no one wants that right? So who’s your hero

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