Strange Dream

My dreams never make sense to me and I don’t usually spend too much time analysing them or try to find hidden messages my subconscious might be trying to send to me but this dream I had in the early hours of the morning had me a bit disturbed.

It’s an outdoor dream… lots of green grass and a small hilly section on my left which is fenced off with ordinary posts. There are some horses grazing here and it all seems very idyllic when I look towards the horizon and see a pack of lionesses coming towards the horses. I don’t know if their intent is to harm the horses but my first reaction is to scream for help. Like with every dream of mine where I scream for help, I just cannot bring myself to scream. No sound comes out and I’m beginning to panic. Suddenly I see Dream Girl and Googlee, hand in hand (that’s a first!) walking towards the lionesses. My attempts at screaming get frantic and I just can’t do anything to warn my children and save them. I start crying and then all of a sudden I’m at the Nairobi Law Court.

I see some familiar faces and sit down on the wooden bench and can’t see my lawyer anywhere. My ex-husband is right at the front giving a seemingly large packet to the judge and laughing and shaking hands with him. I have this sinking feeling in my heart and once again I try and shout to bring attention to what is going on and just can’t do it.

Then all of a sudden I’m in my old bedroom, the one that I used to have at my parents’ place and it got demolished when the house was brought down, and I’m sitting on the bed sobbing when someone knocks on the door and gives me a brown package about the size of a pillow. I open it and inside is a dustbin filled with things I had once upon a time given to someone who was, once upon a time, my closest friend. He’d packaged everything and sent it back in a dustbin.

So can you tell me what to make of this…?

One thought on “Strange Dream

  1. morning… right, so my interpretation on this would be that the first bit of the dream indicates your maternal instincts at protecting your children – which you have been doing whilst its not been the most rosiest of times however, the end is near. Which means that there is a negative feel around, but thats going to change because of your protection around your children. The children are safe and will be with you. You shall not lose them to someone or thing.

    The second bit of your dream is based on your current or recent past relationship. I have not known your past, but from your dream it feels you have an underlining fear that your ex would bribe his way or go to any extent to keep his ‘face’ and pride. Its a fear that has become open to you and you’ve to correct it by saying you are positive and the truth and positivity will shine through.

    The third part of your dream indicates a move. Its a shift in your location. Your room at your parents will always be there. But now, you will let go of a lot of emotion and ‘baggage’ as indicated in the dream. This is a good thing. The tears in the dream are those of a positive release.

    As a whole, I think your dream is telling you to let go. Let go of the past, let go of all the emotion thats built into you. What is to come will be of a positive nature and all will be well.

    Much love.. x


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