I’ve been having issues in life. In fact unlike Midas, everything I touch turns into an issue instead of gold. The biggest issue I’ve had so far this week has been my Toshiba crashing. That made me want to slash my wrists and die but good job I didn’t or I wouldn’t be enjoying my brand new present from my Dad.

It happened like this. Phil Matthews, the guy who taught me radio biz and who I really look up to, came home on Friday for dinner and he was showing me some stuff that could help me with my work. Then he downloaded for me some manuals that I really needed and it showed they’d need at least 5 hours to complete so I left the laptop on overnight. I woke up in he morning to find that it just wouldn’t boot up. I was sobbing wildly. I had a lot of work I hadn’t backed up as yet and I was in the middle of writing an article for a magazine that was supposed to have been sent straight away.

My Dad happened to call me that morning and I was still feeling down and he asked me what was wrong and I told him. Sunday passed with me desperately trying to repair my laptop to the best of my ability in vain. On Monday morning Dad gives me a call and told me to pass by his workplace and when I got there he presented me with a… MacBook Pro!!!! I couldn’t control my tears. I’ve often been told I cry about anything and everything but this one, i’m sure you’ll agree with me, warranted a good sob.

So now I’m the proud owner of a MacBook, a Pro at that and I’m a happy bunny thanks to my Dad. Where would I be without him? I’m now trying to learn that I cannot right-click, no need for double click, and a whole load of things that are so simplified that barely 3 days into using a Mac I’ve been wondering how I survived without one.


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