Smokey Eyes

These are not song words to some fancy song describing a belle’s eyes. These are the two words I wish I could apply to my eyes! I’ve always wanted to try the smokey-eyed look and despite going on Youtube to see how it’s done I still end up looking like a raccoon.

There was a time I tried it and I was immensely chuffed with myself and asked Dream Girl for her opinion and she was very impressed with my efforts and said I ought to have the same effect for when it’s Halloween. The tears I shed in horror and pain further added to the effect I had created.

I have all the colours of eyeshadows, the correct brushes, everything. I have step by step instructions written for me and also I have watched a lot of videos on Youtube on how to do his make up style but alas…. I fail each and every time.

So if you have any good ideas share them with me please! I really would love to have the smokey eyed look!

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