Celebrating Sam’s Birthday at Bamboo, Zen Gardens

q_2006_christmas_pajamas_3mo.jpg (450×300)

My very good friend Sam is a Christmas baby. The first time when he told me his birthday was on Christmas Day I afforded him the same disbelief as one initially gives someone who claims their birthday is on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and also 1st April. You’re not supposed to be born on these days! Well, that’s what my kids think anyway, and they were proper jazzed to know that Uncle Sam is a Christmas baby. So on the Eve Sam’s lovely wife ‘D’ organised for a bunch of close friends to get together at the Zen Gardens. I’ve been here a few times before and have quite enjoyed the dining experience. The only thing is that it’s too far from my home so I don’t venture towards this side that often but when I do I take proper advantage of it.

zengardenbamboo-1.jpg (175×117)

We started off with drinks and a very exciting cocktail menu was offered to us and from the array that was ordered by everyone they really did look and taste excellent. We were actually in the private room known as Bamboo and this was great as we could laugh and talk all we wanted without upsetting other patrons. Kudos on a private dining room, I say!

Eventually we were all hungry so we ordered the starters and leaned mostly towards sushi, sashimi, tempura, prawn rolls, veggie spring rolls, veggie sushi, dim sum and the like. By the time we were supposed to order the main meal most of us were too full so we ordered a basic chicken dish (I think it was teriyaki) and some rice, which went down well.

crb276049.jpg (320×400)

There’s always room for dessert and I indulged in chocolate mousse and there was a chocolate cheesecake that I noticed and was told they have the most amazing sachertorte  but I didn’t feel like indulging.

051097025-01-chocolate-mousse.jpg (270×265)

All in all, it was great dining experience and Sam… wishing you many happy returns of the day too!

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