Quotable Quotes at Mindspeak

Gina Din at Mindspeak

PR Guru Gina Din was at Mindspeak on Saturday. You can find out more about Mindspeak by going to http://www.rich.co.ke which is the brainchild of Aly-Khan Satchu. I really look up to Gina and feel she is the Kenyan woman we all should aim to be. From being a Mum to a PR Guru and everything in between, she knows it all, except for her self-confessed maneno about balancing the cheque books. The whole auditorium giggled at that. From the time she said ‘Good morning’ right up to when she said ‘Thank you for having me’ she had the attention of all present. The whole morning was liberally peppered with quotable quotes and the one below was my favourite, amongst the MANY things she said. Here she simply, with a plethora of pictures for the mind, explains the difference between PR, Marketing and Advertising.


So let’s look at the simplest way of defining the differences between PR, Marketing and Advertising.

Lets say there’s a circus coming to town. If you put up a sign that’s advertising. If you put the sign on the back of an elephant, and march the elephant through Nairobi, that’s a promotion. If the elelphant, still with the sign on his back, tramples through State House, and its recorded on Tv and the event is broadcast, thats publicity. If you can get the President to laugh about it and perhaps even attend the circus that’s PR and if you planned the elephant’s walk, that’s marketing.

I think I want an elephant now… 🙂

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