How to Get A Kenyan Passport

I was going through my important papers the other day and chanced upon my passport. I went through the pages, reminiscing at all the stamps from different countriesโ€™ immigration counters at various airports when I realised that the passport had no empty pages at all. It hadnโ€™t expired but there was no space for another stamp, so I decided that I must update and keep my travel documents in order in case of any emergency.

Iโ€™ve never had to sort my passport issues out before because someone has always done that for me, so I was wondering how to go about this. These days, the first thing I do is Google just about everything I need to know and Iโ€™m glad I did. I came across a website that told me what I need to do to get a new Kenyan passport and the forms were also available online to download. There was also a phone number on the website so I tried calling it and was pleasantly surprised that it was answered at the second ring and my query was very politely answered. I had to take the completed passport form along with the list of documents required to Nyayo House and apply there.

Off I went to Nyayo House with my neat folder with pretty flowers on it and I queued up to hand in my paperwork along with my old passport. My documents were checked, I was sent to the cashier to make my payment. After payment, the cashier gave me a slip and told me to go to the next counter, which is like a little room where they take pictures for the passport. Here, youโ€™re given a receipt with a tracking number for your passport and you can check the progress of your application online.

I went back a week later and was told my passport is ready and I collected it with no major hassles at all. In fact, there were NO hassles at all. Contrary to popular belief, I didnโ€™t need to โ€˜knowโ€™ someone at the Passport Control Office to be issued with a passport. There is no preferential treatment. You get in line and are served like the person in front of you and the one behind you, with the same courteous manner.

I must say that the members of staff are very helpful and very polite, both on the phone and in person. I must have made over 25 calls in one day to track my passport application because the online link seemed to be down and each time I was attended to very efficiently and with pleasant manners. I hate people who work somewhere and are RUDE and slam the phone down on youโ€ฆ I digress but watch this space for a rant on that too.

So there you go. It seriously is very easy to get yourself a Kenyan passport without having a degree in Rocket Science. No โ€˜kitu kidogoโ€™ was parted with; not that Iโ€™d ever agree to part with my hard-earned money to bribe someone to get something done for me. No one asked for anything from me or did I offer it or have the need to. Just like every other person I was with in that hall at Nyayo House, I was served pleasantly and politely.

A high recommendation is what I give the Passport Control Office for being so exemplary and for stamping out any form of corruption. I just had to share my simplistic view and experience because many were shocked that I got my passport so easily.

And now we build on that towards Vision 2030.

8 thoughts on “How to Get A Kenyan Passport

  1. That is some pleasant news right there. Horror stories have been told but I think we are slowly turning into what we should be. We can only get better.


  2. Quite a different scenario from some years back when Nyayo house/immigrations was the last thing you wanted appearing on your to do list. Wow I am impressed.


  3. Thumbs up to passport control office, i got mine so easily from mombasa office, kenya is growing to be a better country, proud to be a kenyan


  4. Thumbs up to the Passpport Control office. They have really styled up. Had a similar experience in 2009 and also today at KRA Office in Mombasa. Pleasant service.


  5. hello people,
    A friend of mine living in Qatar is helping me find a job in Doha Qatar. He has managed to find a job in the hospitality field and among the requirements am supposed to provide is my valid passport number, date of issue and expiry. The problem is that i don’t have a passport. I am planning to apply for one but am confused what i should indicate as my reason for traveling. Please help me.


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