KCB Eldoret Rally

If you are a Kenyan rally enthusiast, get geared up for the Eldoret rally happening this weekend. Rallies are a huge thing in my family with all my brothers participating either as drivers, co-drivers or service crew. In our family, events are planned around the rallying calendar. I don’t think we’re even allowed to DIE during a rallying weekend!

Here’s a spectator’s guide thanks to my wonderful friend Anwar Sidi. You may find out more information from his website


Courtesy http://www.anwarsidiphotography.com (Anwar Sidi©)

  • The main and only Spectator Stage will be at Kaptagat Town, which is 19km from Eldoret following the Eldoret/Eldama Ravine Highway. Rally cars will be in action here from 11am till 4pm.
  • For those needing to buy snacks/foods/sodas, there will be catering services at the rally village.
  • Spectator Car Park will be available just about 1km. From here Spectators are expected to walk to viewing area for a non-stop rally action lasting for over five hours.
  • Rally Organizers and Police are working together to make sure spectators behave orderly and, there is no influence of Drink/Driving behaviour anyway along the route of the rally.
  • Anyone thinking or planing to carry ”crates of alcholic drinks” into the stages, will not be allowed.

For more information you can get in touch with Anwar Sidi, a rally enthusiast from a very prominent rallying family.
Have a safe and exciting weekend!

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