Here’s a lovely short story by ‘Jas’ (pen name) and a first guest blog on the Korner. Do read through and pass on your comments! Talent needs to be shared.
Thank you so much.




A little boy found a bird lying on the snow during playtime at school “don’t be scared birdie. I’m gonna keep you warm”

He tenderly picked it up with both hands, cradling it in his striped green mittens, and carried it back to class. He kept it covered until he showed it to his teacher.

“What have you got there, Matt?” “A little birdie that got cold” he opened his palms to let her see. “The little birdie isn’t cold” she dropped her eyes, softening her gaze.

“But feel him Miss!” He brought his hands closer to her “he’s freezing! His mama did forget to put his mittens and scarf on this morning. My mama rememberered and that’s why I’m all warm”

“Matt, this little bird is dead. That’s why he’s cold” She knelt down so that she was at his eye level “when something is dead it goes cold”

Matt looked at his hands and a tear rolled down each of his cheeks. He took a deep breath and looked back at his teacher “can we bury him, Miss? In the real, when somebody dies they bury him… Birdie is dead so we must bury him”

She smiled at just how grown up a four year old really is “of course we can. Let’s get everyone together and go bury Birdie by the swings. Would you like to be the one to say a prayer for Birdie?”

“Yes please!” Matt looked please with being given the responsibility. “I like him by the swings. That way I can go see him every day during playtime”

All the children collected around the swings and watched Miss dig a little hole all the way through, into the soil, and then gently lower Birdie into it.

“Why can’t we bury him in the snow, Miss?” one of the children interrupted.

She stopped for a moment, to answer “because when the snow melts in spring, what will happen to Birdie? If we bury him in the soil, he will be safe when the snow melts”. She covered up Birdie’s grave “Matt, will you pray for Birdie?”Matt straightened up in preparation for his speech, and all the children and Miss bowed their heads “Dear Lord, I met Birdie today, but I think he was dead when he saw me. I hope Birdie can hear me because I am praying for him. Lord, we have buried Birdie next to the swings so that he is with us during playtime. Amen”

“Amen” the children chorused. “Thank you, Matt! That was lovely”

“Brrrrrrrrr!” “What happened, Mummy?” “My hands are freezing, Mattie. That’s all”

Matt burst into tears and collapsed on the floor at the sound of his mother’s words. She ran towards him, lifting him to her bosom while wiping away his tears, before asking “what’s the matter, sweetie? Mummy’s here”.

“Mu-mu-mu-muh-muhmmy’s ha-ands are are are dead” he managed between sobs and hiccups. “Oh honey! They’re not dead. They’re just cold”

Matt managed to hold back his tears and fill his lungs with fresh oxygen. “But… but Miss said that if something is cold it is dead” his eyes questioning.

She had to hold back a giggle while she kissed his hair “Mummy’s hands aren’t dead, Mattie. We’ll warm them up by the fire and they’ll be good as new”.

Matt smiled and hugged his mother as she carried him into the living room. He fell asleep snuggled up in her lap.

“Excuse me, Miss!” “Oh hello, Matt! How are you this morning?” “I’m okay! But Miss… we shouldn’t have buried Birdie yesterday” “Why is that?” “Because… because if we kept him by the fire he would warm up and be good as new!”


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