“Why The Birds Sing To Me”




Aga Khan Academy proudly presents

“Why The Birds Sing To Me”

A Musical Drama

  • Written by Katherine Liao and Jeffrey Weeks Harrison
  • Music and Lyrics composed by Jeffrey Weeks Harrison
  • Mark Brennan: Director
  •     Fred Ludenyi:Visual Arts Director

Music Director: Jeffrey Weeks Harrison




Set during wartime northern Uganda, Why The Birds Sings To Me is a musical drama, depicting the story of the children who were abducted and returned to their communities in northern Uganda during the 20 years of its course.  The drama weaves tragedy, love, betrayal, hope, redemption, and healing in a lively, magical and soulful performance by talented students of the Aga Khan Academy.  An exciting and innovative fusion of the Broadway musical and African oral storytelling, this performance features dance, song and metaphor.  The moving story of these children brings to us an array of universal lessons. Indeed the story reveals a deep need for healing and reconciliation, for the prevention of violence against children, and the promotion of human rights.


Performances will be at the Oshwal Center Theater, Nairobi on May 24 and 25 at 6:30 PM.  Tickets available from the Aga Khan Academy and select outlets.

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