Why the birds sing to me… Wahura Kabutha


My name is Wahura Kabutha. I am in the school play and i play the role of Headmistress.
Usually when were practicing we skip through the songs, but today we had a full practice with music. The sound effects emphasized the theme of the play, especially the scenes with the soldiers. The songs personally moved me to the extent where i empathized  with some of the characters. Although one thing some of us lacked was singing while acting, the director, Mr. Brennan patiently helped us to sing while acting. We also wrote our blurs which will be added to the shows’ programme. In addition we completed our first full script run through with no scripts and it was funny how some us manipulated the lines we had forgotten or confused. The message though today was that next rehearsal which is on Sunday no scripts and no changing lines.

One comment

  1. hi – the play was fantastic, we thoroughly enjoyed it. anyways we can get our hands on the music or download it somewhere? cant find it online. thanks.


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