The Kenya Orchid Society Annual Show

I joined the Kenya Orchid Society to be able to look after my meagre collection properly and also to learn more about these beautiful plants.

What I didn’t know I’d be getting in the bargain is to be around some of the warmest, nicest, funniest, smartest and friendly people. What a wonderful lot of people are a part of this society.

Everyone highly encouraged me to participate as an exhibitor at this year’s show so I took the plunge and did it, and anyway, what’s the point of being a part of something if you don’t participate?

I’ve received a lot of support and assistance, advice, attention and help as I attempted to set up my very simple collection for exhibition as a novice entrant.

I am looking forward to the exhibition that shall be held from 17th to 20th October at the Sarit Centre’s brand new, very posh exhibition hall.

Come and see the most stunning orchids ever!

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