Betty Crocker


I’m very nostalgic today after receiving this delightful bag of Betty Crocker goodies.

I’ve always loved baking ever since I was a child. Mum used to use our neighbour’s oven because we couldn’t afford one. When times got better, we bought our first oven and I was the happiest person ever.

Mum bought me my first cookbook from a very popular second-hand bookstore in Westlands. It was The Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls. A prized possession from a very young age, I started learning how to bake and really enjoyed it. That is how I fell in love with baking.

Imagine my delight to see local supermarket shelves stacked with an amazing array of Betty Crocker goods. From pancake and waffle mixes to cakes, cookies, muffins and even cheesecake mixes, they are all now readily available.

The process of oven-to-table is simplified. All the hard work of measuring everything is done for you. You just add a few basics and voila! Your baked delight is done. Also, if you want to give your own signature to the final result, there are tips and tricks on the side of the box, and you can also check out the official website. The only limit to creating a decadent treat would be the imagination.

Now, my kids love to bake and Betty Crocker is a household name for us. I can’t wait to try out these goodies!

It’s true.

Happiness is homemade…

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