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Hospitality and Korogas

Koroga is a Kiswahili word for ‘stir’. It’s a very Kenyan name for something I deem to be a very Kenyan concept. Let me explain. 

At least once a week, usually menfolk will meet up at a social club that offers individual cooking facilities for people to get together over drinks while a ‘designated cook’ prepares the dinner. Meat and other ingredients are preordered so that everything is ready for you to put together while you have a laugh and catch up with your mates. Typically, one will have a couple of beers or whiskies, or both if one has a designated driver, and enjoy the meal. Attentive waiters will cater to you whims, and some Koroga joints also offer to cook your food just in case you’re not up to it, but this is rarely ever taken up. 

Slowly over the years, Korogas have become a family affair, and they’re not just held at designated places. Many people have them at home and it somehow turns into an impromptu party. 

My friends Raju and Nita are impeccable hosts. It seems like hospitality runs through the entire family’s veins because even their sons (one of whom is an Executive Chef) are lovely hosts. 

A small dinner party for about ten people had been organised and it was lovely. Even the rain didn’t hamper the Koroga because while we stayed indoors, Raju has a space that opens outwards so we sat inside at the bar and living room, enjoying the downpour while scents of cooking wafted in, as Raju flitted in and out, and still being a part of the party. 

I do enjoy going to their home because Nita has done up her home to make it feel just that – a home. The food was delicious, and while Kavit, their younger son, plied everyone with drinks all evening, Aman, the executive chef, whipped up a dessert just minutes before we sat down to dinner! I was very impressed. 

Breaking bread with friends and family is a very pleasurable experience, and especially so when your hosts make you feel very welcome. 

The effectively simple yet delicious spread

Day Out At The Windsor Golf & Country Club Poolside

Birthday week had to be crowned off in style! It was my son’s birthday last week and it’s been celebrations galore with a cake in school and then a party at home with all his friends going high on sugar and bouncing literally off the walls and off the bouncing castle on Saturday. Sunday came and we decided to go to Windsor for swimming. It’s been really very hot for the past three weeks and Nairobi temperatures have been relentless all this time so of course a day out swimming was a fabulous idea.

Off we went to Windsor and on the way just near the entrance I realised that the construction of the new super highway has reached this side of the neighbourhood too.  Having ooh-aahed over that we drove in and the kids made a beeline towards the pool area. Being a hot day I didn’t really expect us to get a decent table but the lovely waiters managed to find me an excellent table at the poolside while the kids scampered to get changed and plunge into the pool.

I had my book with me and while they swam I enjoyed the atmosphere. Hunger was bound to strike so I ordered the kids their favourite chicken nuggets and chips and I thought I’d indulge in a pizza. I ordered the ‘Windsor Special’ and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will highly recommend this delicious pizza. My friend who was with us ordered the chicken burger with the cheese topping and thoroughly enjoyed washing it down with a banana milkshake.

Excellent food, excellent atmosphere and the kids just didn’t want to get out of the water because the pool is heated even when it was such a hot day. I did gasp a bit at the bill though but I suppose when you want to enjoy a day out with the kids, every penny is worth it for them.