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Catching up with Vishal Dadlani – Musician Extraordinaire


Who doesn’t know Vishal Dadlani? Vishal is part of a duo with Shekhar Ravjiani and is responsible for many successful soundtracks in Hindi, Telugu and Marathi films.

Pentagram is a four-piece Indian rock/electronica band started in 1994 in Mumbai, India. Regarded as one of the pioneers of original Indian independent music, the band has received major recognition.

Pentagram is fronted by Vishal, with Randolph Correia on guitars, Papal Mane on bass and Shiraz Bhattacharya on drums. All of whom have recently been actively involved in the Bollywood music business.

pentagram vishal
Photo Courtesy Shiv Ahuja© ( @ShivAhuja

Making his mark in the music industry in Bollywood and beyond, this man has achieved a status that many dream of having. His humility is something that just cannot be faked, a thoroughly genuine person with a no-nonsense approach to life. I managed to catch up with Vishal for this exclusive one on one and I must say I am more convinced than ever that such honesty and wit cannot be faked.


If you weren’t Vishal Dadlani who would you be?
Dunno. I’d have loved to have been someone like Stephen Hawking, or, perhaps, Lennon. It’d still suck, not to be me, though.

Were you headed towards being a singer or a music producer? You do both with such ease and success.
I wasn’t headed towards either. They came to me, and I’m grateful they did. I didn’t know I’d have anything to do with music until I was about 19!

How do you deal with fans who clamour all over you, especially when you’re having a bad day and really don’t feel like any human interaction?
I try and be nice. It shocks most people, cuz most people are afraid of me, for some unfathomable reason.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?
Not the first clue, but I’d be good at it, and I’d be self-made. These two are certain.

Vishal Shekhar

You work very closely with Shekhar. Your chemistry with him is very apparent in the music both of you create, your live performances and even recently, as we saw on Indian Idol Junior, both of you seem to get on really well. Has there ever been a time you’ve wanted to leave chalk marks around each others’ bodies?
I’m sure Shekhar feels that way, more than I do. To quote a Pentagram song “I’m only made of Human Failings”.
We do get along really well, though. I think it’s because we’re respectful of each others’ talent, and also because we’re both utter and absolute goofs.

It’s impossible if you say the pair of you have never argued professionally. How do you guys make up?
We talk, we grab some coffee, or we write a song or do a show. That usually sorts it!

He scrubs up well!
He scrubs up well!

You’re always so well kitted. From the posh suits you wore as an Indian Idol Junior judge to the rather funky tees you always seem to wear, who dresses you?
The suits were by a designer that the show hired for me! Given a choice, I wouldn’t go near ’em!
The t-shirts are just part of who I am, and almost always have been.

Can you cook? Like REAL cooking and not the bbq and boys night out cook out thing.
I burn a mean slice of toast.

What has been the biggest extravagance in terms of spending your hard earned cash?
Nothing major, really. Possibly my car, but it’s nothing too fancy or expensive.

You’re so popular and going by your Twitter account, you’re adored by many. What drives you to be Vishal Dadlani?
I don’t really have the option to be anyone else, do I? Besides, I’ve learnt to really sit back and revel in being me. I wasn’t quite convinced, for a long time, but somewhere along the way, I learnt to love myself for everything I am. Bumps and bruises, included.

You’re actually one of the few celebrities I know who isn’t stuck up or has his head up his back side so far that the lips get mistaken for an extra kidney. You also make a point, whenever you can, to reply back to fans. Why do you think these so-called celebrities behave the way they do? Is it beneath them to be nice to the people who adore them and actually afford them their star status?
The thing is, I’m no celebrity. I’m a musician. I don’t make music to be famous, or to make the papers. I make music because I have no choice. The rest of it, is superficial.
Celebrity comes with a certain head-up-ones-own-ass-ness, but sadly, I’m not particularly flexible in that way.
Why other people do what they do, is their problem. I’ve never given it a thought.

What’s your opinion on Man-Bags? Do you carry one? What’s in it?
I’m ok with em. I own one, carry it when I travel. Headphones, phone chargers, passport, keys, that sorta thing.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) how scared are you of dogs growling and foaming at the mouth with fangs for teeth?
I’ve come across a few, and it’s a little scary, but nothing I haven’t overcome. So I’ll give it a 2.

Tell me of 5 things you will not leave the house without.
Shoes. Clothes. House-keys (although I have been locked out, several times).
And two phones. There. That’s 5.

Quickfire Round

 Samose or Pakore

 Rain or sunshine

Ferrari or Lamborghini

Live concert or playback singing
Writing with Pentagram.

Twitter or Facebook

Coffee or tea

Gym or jogging
Gym. I’ve got bad knees from years of jogging, as a kid.

 iPhone or BlackBerry
Whichever battery hasn’t died on me!



Exclusive interview with singer Mika Singh; Badmaash of Bollywood

Mika Singh & Ranee Jamal
Mika Singh & Ranee Jamal

Mika Singh! Our favourite Badmaash of Bollywood!
Welcome to East Africa yet again… and most importantly to Nairobi.

Thank you ji, thank you so much. And first of all Satsriakal, Namaste and Salaam Aleikum Nairobi, I’m here just for five hours and I just had a great concert in Uganda, all thanks to the Uganda fans and Ranee Jamal of Ranee Productions, and maybe I’ll come in December to perform again in Nairobi.

I know you are in transit and we’re honoured you took the time to speak to us. You were performing in Uganda in Kampala this weekend. How was the experience?

It was great. There were more than 15,000 people at the concert. I thought there would be at least 5 to 6 thousand people but this was something else. It was a really great experience and I sang straight for three hours with my latest song Agal Bagal as well, which is from my latest film Phata Poster Nikla Hero that stars Shahid Kapoor.

*sings a line from the song*

I must ask you, was the Nairobi audience better or Kampala?

**laughs** Well, both places are in Africa. So it’s like asking me how it was performing in Gujrat or Punjab. I got a lot of love from both Nairobi and Uganda but I must say the audience in Nairobi knows how to party and dance and are full of life. Also definitely Nairobi has a lot of Punjabi people, and being a Punjabi you know how we like to dance and enjoy life.

You’ve been extensively touring a lot. How do you find time to do playback singing AND tour at the same time?

Yes it does get really very difficult but it is also something that I love doing, I’m a work freak and I love to work. I try my best to juggle both aspects – singing live on stage and also playback. Of late there are a lot of my tracks that will be released. Right now there’s Zulmi Zulmi from Grand Masti, and I’m also singing for the first time for Ranbir Kapoor in the film Besharam, I have two tracks in that film. Also it’s the first time my brother Daler Mehndi and I will be singing together – I’m lending my voice to Ranbir Kapoor and Daler will be lending his voice to Ranbir’s father, Rishi Kapoor.

Your latest superhit is Agal Bagal. It’s one of the most requested songs on our station at East FM right now. What is your secret to giving out one superhit after another?

This is all because of my fans, it’s their blessings and they keep supporting me for so many years so definitely, the credit goes to my fans.

So what else can we expect from you? What other projects are you working on?

I have a song ‘Saawan Meh Lag Gayi Aag’, you might remember it as the first song that gave me a platform almost fifteen years ago, I’m working on a remix of this track because I always get a very good response whenever I sing this song on stage. Besides that I’m getting a pop album ready for my fans, and besides that I will make some good videos in which my fans can see me.

I also have a movie coming out soon. I’m starring with the singer Shaan and that movie will be releasing soon. We are both singing in the film and acting in it too.


Samose or Pakore?


Rain or sunshine


Ferrari or Lamborghini?


Live concert or playback singing

Live concert

Twitter or Facebook?


Coffee or tea?


Gym or jogging?


Top 10 reasons why i absolutely loved Shuddh Desi Romance

Brilliant… absolutely brilliant. Definitely going to watch it now!

F.i.g.h.t C.l.u.b

shuddh-desi-romance copy2

Since we have become a generation of Buzzfeed and because “listicles” are still not dead, am going to pick the easy route. Here are the top 10 reasons why i loved Shuddh Desi Romance and why you shouldn’t miss it.

1. Jaideep Sahni – I was wondering if he will deliver or not. This is a virgin territory for him – a full throttle romantic film. And more suspicious because he was talking like my another favourite screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman. Love versus love portrayed in films, expectations versus reality and all that jazz. Well, he not only delivers but pushes the envelope and sends it out of the park. Terrific lines all over, all that which seems so natural that it’s difficult to believe someone actually wrote it. And especially at a time when everyone is taking this dialogue route, at least in mainstream hindi cinema space.


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An exclusive interview with Salim Merchant

Salim Sulaiman

Salim Merchant…. Composer, Singer, Pianist, Indian Idol Judge, Emmy Award Nominee, Dreamer
Tell us more about this dreamer Salim. What dreams do you have and what are you doing to turn them into a reality?

Actually honestly my dreams are turning into a reality, I always wanted to perform and sing in front of our fans and lover of our music. I’m really overwhelmed with all the love we are getting, and all the dreams are turning into a reality and it’s a pleasure to perform all our songs that we work so hard on, live in front of the crowds. The response we are getting is fantastic.

I always wanted to perform in Nairobi in a big way because I know there is a huge crowd that loves music and they really appreciate. The quality of the crowd in Nairobi is fantastic. They appreciate good music and quality performances. I was really looking forward to it so yes, another dream that has turned into a reality.

You’ve word with Lady Gaga and also on the soundtrack of the Hollywood film Sold. It’s very exciting for your fans to know that you’ve stepped foot in Hollywood with your compositions. Is this just a stepping-stone to more to come?  

Inshallah! I would say we are really happy that God has been giving us all these opportunities and it’s a lot of progression because we started with advertising and have been doing background scores, film songs, to live singing, performances, to composing music for FIFA World Cup, to collaborating with Lady Gaga and now we are doing a Hollywood film so yeah, it’s honestly like believing in yourself, working hard everyday and believing in yourself, following your passion. I keep telling people that I have been on a holiday for the past two decades because I really love what I do and God has been very kind.

What other projects have you got lined up that your fans can look forward to?

We have done the background score of a huge film called Krrish 3, which is the most awaited film of 2013. We have Kaanchi, which is a Subhash Ghai film. We have always wanted to work with this veteran filmmaker. Also Satyagarah which is releasing this weekend; so basically we have these three projects at the moment, also a couple unnamed projects in the pipeline that we are working on, to be released in 2014.

You’ve said that a Music director is as important as the main actor in the film because he plays a very pivotal role in the making of the film. Your fans want to know if you will ever act in a Bollywood film…

I will never say no. It depends actually. The film script should be right, really amazing, the director should be good; I should be able to feel I’m me. If I’m trying to be somebody else, that’s never been in me. You know Sulaiman and I have always done music that we like and there’s obviously a guideline, a brief, but music is something we do for our taste. Similarly with the film, if the acting job comes through, which is something I like, something I want to do, I will definitely jump on it.

Krrish 3’s promo got millions of hits within hours of being uploaded. You’re doing the background score and effectively, that’s just your music that went out on the promo. We’ve seen rave reviews pouring in for that short clip where you contribution is concerned… What can we look forward to in the film?  

The film is a very complete film and when I say complete it’s an action hero film, so it’s a super hero film. It has a lot of emotions, family oriented film, lots of drama, twist and turns, love, romance, and it is all in all a fantastic entertainer. Not for a second you’ll feel there’s a low or boring part, so it’s really an amazing film and I’m really delighted to be scoring that film. It’s been a lot of joy because a lot of hard work has gone into it.

We know it must be very difficult to get into music production. It’s very competitive. What advice would you give to someone who is determined to make it work and get his or her foot into the door?

The most important thing that I would say is to first learn. It is very important that before you start earning you start learning. Music is a fantastic career but more than that it is an art and it requires some kind of training. A lot of upcoming talent basically looking for shortcuts, pick up a laptop, some loops, beats, music and start mixing it all to start music is all great but learning music, the basics of classical music, learning chords, whether Western or Indian, it’s extremely important because in theory it goes a long way.

You play the keyboards really well and Sulaiman handles the drums. Was this something you especially set out to do, marking your territory with each other?

Oh no! *laughs* We both started learning the drums as kids and I obviously could not cope up, so my brother, being older to me, he jumped on it and piano was always something that excited me so I stuck to that.

Let’s get your opinion on something VERY important – what do you think of our traffic?

*laughs* Traffic is just something you have to live with. I know it hassles and bothers a lot of people, I fortunately don’t have that problem because I live in the city of Bombay and I don’t want to say anything bad about it, so I’m kind of used to it and I usually have things to do in the car. I make phone calls, I listen to music, I connect with people and I have an iPad so sometimes I go online and check out things so there’s lots to do while stuck in traffic. With all these gadgets you can do a lot of things.



Samose or Pakore?

Sodas (?!)

Rain or sunshine


Ferrari or Lamborghini?


Keyboard or Harmonium


Twitter or Facebook?


Coffee or tea?


Gym or jogging?


Free ticket for me or you’ll charge me?

Umm… I’ll charge you!


Madras Cafe review

Deep-ends is here again! Here’s a review of Madras Cafe


Madras Cafe is an intense, thought-provoking, docu-drama high-lighting events preceding the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi 22 years ago. This is an important and informative film that educated me about the long and bitter guerilla war in Sri Lanka and India’s involvement in it. This is one of those film’s that you leave and rush home to look up everything you can on about that period in history on the internet.
It makes you think about what a threat India is to the west as an emerging superpower in the global market and why they are so threatened that they would even support terrorists in order to get a stronghold on India’s borders, be it in Sri Lanka or Pakistan.
The question also arises, that in the end, who gained from Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination? Certainly not the Tamil guerilla leaders who orchestrated the assassination because their leader is now dead and his army disbanded, not the western forces because they still haven’t managed to secure a foothold on this volatile island and so it was most likely, shockingly, the BJP party that was in power in Dehli at the time because they were threatened by the possibility that Rajiv Gandhi would win the next election! The Indian government was aware of the plot to kill the ex-prime minister but did little to nothing to stop it.
My friends and I were bawling our eyes out watching these real-life events re-enacted on the screen. My heart goes out to Sonia Gandhi, it will be a heart-wrenching film for her to watch. In conclusion,this is a serious film that must be seen because it makes all the other crap we watch seem so frivalous. Enjoy! I give it 5 stars!

Bollywood this week…


Mithun Rishi Subhash

While we know that Subhash Ghai has made it a habit to make a cameo appearance in his films, we also know that the most memorable supporting roles have been from his films. His creation of the most memorable characters goes on to demonstrate how each role in any of his film is an important and pivotal one.

Tke Anupan Kher’s role in Karma, or Ajit’s in Kali Charan’s. How about Simi Grewal in Karz? All these are amongst hugely memorable roles and this stems from Subhash’s belief in creating strong character roles.

Right up to today, you will still hear people mouth ‘Saara sheher mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai’ – a dialogue made popular by Ajit. And any time someone has slapped someone, ‘Is thappad gi goonj sunni tumhe?’ almost always follows. Words made immortal by Anupam Kher.

For me the most memorable roles has got to be Gulshan Grover’s in Ram Lakhan as ‘Bad Man’ whose breakthrough performance as Kesariya Vilayiti had the audiences sit up and take note of this villain of Bollywood.

Ghai has now got a new venture Kaanchi coming up that stars Mithun Chakraborty and Rishi Kapoor in pivotal roles. Back after a four year break, Ghai says, Magic is created by two things, the characters written in the script and the characters played by the actors. And I only work with people I have a rapport with.’

Here’s looking forward to probably yet another memorable film with the magic Ghai can create.


81st Academy Awards Photo Corner

We know him as a superhit music producer/ composer/ song writer and has also donned the hat of a film producer too but with a new venture coming up, A R Rahman has now written a story that’s a young sensual movie based on love and self-discovery. Eros International, which is a leading Indian film entertainment industry, will be producing this with the Oscar-winning Rahman.

Speaking on the announcement, A R Rahman said, “It’s a 16 year relationship with Eros and this time it’s extending the role a bit more. It’s about exploring the other side of a creative partnership. YM Movies is born out of sheer aspiration to create movies which could bring a lot of joy, fulfilling the artistic and cinematic demands”.

Sunil Lulla, Managing Director, Eros International Media Ltd added, “The film is an extension of the creative genius of A R Rahman and it’s with great pleasure that we announce this very special venture with him. With this film, we wish to present music and cinema at its best and entertain fans and audiences with an unforgettable experience”.


Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone who is now just a film old in Bollywood will be acting with her husband Daniel Weber in her next film.  Daniel will have a cameo role of a small time conman in the film titled Jackpot, directed by Kaizad Gustad. However, Sunny will not be doing any romantic roles opposite her husband in the film but instead will be working opposite Sachin Joshi. The film also stars Naseerudin Shah. Sunny Leone was better known as a pornstar before she joined the Bollywood film industry.


Sridevi 50th bday

Sridevi celebrated her 50th birthday with a very glamorous bash that was hosted by her husband Boney Kapoor. She looked every inch the diva in a floral printed silk dress created by Prabhal Gurung. Despite always being well dressed and not looking her age at all, Sridevi’s patchy make up and droopy shoulders did give away her age this time. Nevertheless, she managed to work her charm and enjoy the party thoroughly with the who’s who and crème de la crème of Bollywood.

Bollywood this week


Bollywood biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan, Kajol, Lata Mangeshkar amongst others have joined hands to raise funds in a marathon seven-hour musical gala for Uttarakhand flood victims today as they celebrate the 66th Indian independence day. Composers Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, along with writer/poet Prasoon Joshi will also participate in this mammoth event in an effort to raise Rs 25-30 crores. All celebrities will be performing free of charge as their contribution to this noble cause.


The event that is being touted as the highlight of this event will be Big B performing with Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Joshi. He will be crooning an anthem song ‘Mera Desh’ (My country) that has been penned by Joshi and composed by the music director trio.

Prasoon Joshi

“The noble initiative is an opportunity for the entire Hindi film industry to stand by the very people who showered us with unconditional love and have made us who we are,” Bachchan said.



The rapper is riding high on the apparent success of the ‘Lungi Dance’ song in Chennai Express. The song was a tribute to the superstar Rajnikanth who actually called Shah Rukh Khan to compliment him for the cheeky ode.

Yo Yo Honey Singh is now riding high on this success and has said that should SRK want to work with him again, he just needs to call.

“I did it (the song) for Shahrukh bhai. I had a great time shooting with him, Deepika Padukone and Rohit Shetty. I’d work with Shahrukh bhai any day again. He just has to ask,” said Honey Singh. “He is a phenomenon and a source of inspiration to all outsiders in Bollywood like me. We will be collaborating again very soon.”

Lungi Dance Chennai Express

He feels he can relive this success story and has been going ga-ga about SRK.

Vishal Shekhar

On the other hand, Vishal and Shekhar, who are personal friends of SRK are rather miffed at the inclusion of this song since they provided the music to this soundtrack. Looks like another controvery is brewing. Honey Singh was in a very scandalous story and was almost deported because he was accused of rapping about encouraging rape but he claimed that the video and the song were totally a fake.



Salman Khan may be in the midst of shooting Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick but he’s already bagged another huge banner film that’s going to be directed by Suraj Barjatya. That’s not it. We will be seeing Salman in a double role for this yet to be titled venture. The last time we say Sallu in a double role was in Judwaa back in 1997. The lead lady hasn’t been finalised as yet but the names being rattled off a list right now are Anushka Sharma, Ileana D’Cruz and Parineeti Chopra.

Salman has a great rapport with director Suraj Barjatya back from the days when he worked with him in super hit films like Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.


Rishi and Big in Naseeb

The last time we saw these two actors was back in 1991 in Shashi Kapoor’s Ajooba. Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor have been in many movies together but have had a 22 year gap. They were part of the cast in Delhi 6 but the duo didn’t have any scenes together; and now they will be facing each other on the big screen as friends who have not spoken to each other in more than 25 years, in Sudhir Mishra’s Mehrunissa.

The duo have been advised to be as hostile as possible to each other. The project is about a Muslim and a Hindu friend who fell out because they both fell in love with the same girl. It’s about their confrontation after 25 years.


Big B and Rishi have to project the friction of two people, best friends, who knew each other so well that they can remain bonded even without talking or communicating for so many years.

Chitrangada Singh plays the girl they both fell in love with. But most of her scenes would be with the actors who play the young Big B and Rishi.




He commands respect wherever he goes. With over 40 years worth of experience in the industry with a title from his early career ‘The Angry Young Man’, Amitabh Bachchan is known worldwide. His appearances have not just been limited to the big screen. Big B has also scored big time hosting the popular Indian game show, Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who Wants To Be a Millionaire). A cameo appearance in The Great Gatsby has just added to his ever-growing popularity. He is also a very active blogger and interacts greatly on social media.


Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist has a lot of blockbusters parading as feathers in his cap. 3 Idiots, Ghajini and Lagaan to name but a few, with Lagaan being nominated for an Oscar. He’s had Prince Charles mark the clapper for a scene in his film, Mangal Pandey, The Rising.



The mass hysteria that follows the Baadshah of Bollywood is phenomenal. He justifies his name ‘King of Bollywood’ by reigning in the hearts of many. With romance as his strongest weapon, King Khan tackles many others roles with ease. He also has his own production house and has been listed as one of the world’s most powerful men in a popular magazine.



Former Miss World in 1994 and also the first runner up of the Miss India pageant, this beautiful lady is known worldwide. She’s married to Bollywood’d superstar’s son, Abhishek Bachchan and created quite a stir when they had their first baby and kept a dignified silence over her post baby weight. She has graced the carpets at Cannes and commands respect and awe wherever she goes. Her debut into Hollywood was in Pink Panther 2.



Jade Goody’s racist rants bought her a lot of sympathy and votes, but she did win England’s Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. Besides that Shilpa owns a cricket team in the Indian Premier League and who can forget that kiss Richard Gere gave her at an AIDS awareness rally in new Delhi that added to her ever-increasing popularity?



She seems to be part of the furniture on the French red carpet events is the first Indian to be offered to pose nude on the cover of Playboy magazine. She turned it down but it hasn’t muted her popularity in Hollywood.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Deep-ends is back!

Bhaag Milka Bhaag is brilliant! This is a true story about Milkha Singh, a gifted athlete who held the 400-meter world record and represented India at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. In fact, he lost that particular race at the Olympics because of his own personal demons. As a child he witnessed his parents’ slaughter during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 and the genocide that followed. He rebuilt his life as a street urchin in Dehli, joined the army and started running just to get the glass of milk and 2 raw eggs that the top 10 fastest runners were given.
Milka Singh is played by a sinewy Farhan Akhtar who trained for a year and a half for this role and has given a brilliant and honest portrayal of the sardhar. You leave the theatre just bursting with patriotism and total respect for the dedication, determination and hard work that this athlete put in his pursuit of excellence. Other notable performances are a sensitive portrayal of Milkha’s adoring, older sister from Divya Dutta as the only survivor of the genocide that wiped out his family during the partition and Pavan Malhotra as Milkha’s mentor and the first trainer to spot his potential as a runner. Sonam Kapoor’s role is very small but important.
On the down side, it was just a little tooooo long. As usual, they could have cut out a lot of the song and dance as it was not necessary to the story.
Here is an interesting fact, Milka Singh has co-written an autobiography, entitled The Race of My Life with his daughter, Sonia Sanwalka. The book inspired the movie and he sold the rights to produce the movie for one rupee but inserted a clause stating that a share of the profits would be given to the Milkha Singh Charitable Trust. The Trust was founded in 2003 with the aim of assisting poor sports people. Respect for Milka Singh went up several notches after hearing this! It’s only once in a long while that a film comes along that makes you so proud of your Indian heritage. I feel especially proud as he is a Sikh. This one is worthy of the OSCARS…aah ho!
– Deep-ends

IIFA Awards excitement on East FM, Kenya’s Premier Asian Mix

The IIFA Awards special on East FM, Radio Africa Group & The Star
The IIFA Awards special on East FM, Radio Africa Group & The Star

If you’ve been listening to East FM, you’d know by now that our team from Radio Africa will be on their way to cover the IIFA awards event live, with a lucky listener who will win this opportunity of a lifetime. Brought to you by Sunrice and supported by Ruh Travels, the team will leave for Macau and we will be bringing you live coverage as events and awards unfold. Watch out for a colourful spread this week and next week as well in The Star with exclusive pictures from the event. The focus on the event this year is celebrating 100 years of Bollywood and will be showcased in the entire event with what promise to be mind-blowing performances.

Conceptualized and produced by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and supported by the key members of the Indian film fraternity, IIFA is the most appreciated South Asian film academy. Also, the IIFA Awards is India’s biggest media event. With a viewership of almost 600 million, it is among the world’s most-watched annual entertainment events. From a one night celebration in 2000 at the Millennium Dome, London, the last thirteen years have seen the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) movement grow into a cine-packed weekend of film-festivals, workshops, exhibitions, film-showcases, global business forums and sporting events, all of which climax into the highlight of the Weekend, the IIFA Awards.