Some gratitude…

Back in 2007 when I’d just joined East FM, the then Manager of Fox Theatres sent complimentary tickets for the entire East FM team to go and watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. I recall that we all met up and watched it at Capital Centre. 
The next day I called the very generous Manager to thank him and he was quite taken aback and said that no one ever called him to say thanks. We had a small chat and I told him how I was an ardent fan of his when he was one of the most popular radio presenters at East FM when it first started off. 

A couple of days later a parcel arrived from him especially for my little kids. There was a bag full of awesome movie merchandise and the kids loved it. 

I never ever forgot the kind gesture of this very warm human being because he was kind to me and my kids at my lowest point in life. I had just separated and had started working and this lovely gentleman made us feel good without even knowing what an impact his gesture had. 

Today as I was clearing out the kids study room I found one of the things he had gifted the kids. 

Thank you Sanjeev Sharma. I never ever forgot. Love & hugs to you.


Healthy scrambled egg

I get bored of eating healthy food because I’ve always felt it’s the same few ingredients that you get saturated with but clearly it’s just been in my mind. I take a packed lunch to work and I made this yummy egg to have with rice cakes. It literally took me five minutes to put it together with minimum ingredients and fuss. 

1 egg, beaten with a pinch of salt & pepper 

Handful of baby kale, chopped 

4 mushrooms, chopped 

Spring onion, chopped 

Pinch of minced garlic (optional)


Use cooking spray in a non-stick pan to lightly coat it. Throw in the spring onions, garlic, mushrooms and kale. On medium heat cook lightly for a minute then add beaten egg and stir until completely cooked. 

There! That’s all! Easy isn’t it? I had it with rice cakes. 

Let me know if you’ve tried this and if you’ve got other healthy variations. 


This is it! 

Togs as bright as my healthy future should be! 

I’m down a kilo this week. I know I have a lot more to go and I’ll probably wane at some point or feel demotivated but if the mindset is focused then nothing can stop you right? As it is, I ought to have a vested interest in me and my health more than anything else. No one’s going to come do it for me and no will care for me either if I fall ill because of being overweight. 

I’ve been body shamed enough times and have tried to pay no heed. I’ve received backhanded compliments like ‘You’d look so much nicer if you were thin’ and that was enough to make me stubborn and not do anything about it. Who is anyone to decide what I should look like? 

What brought the don’t care attitude to an end is that I’m depressed about the way I look. I’m not happy to keep buying plus sized clothes. The attitude has always been that as long as I can get clothes in my size I don’t need to worry. Very foolish! 

I cleared a lot of my old things out today and have thrown away the big clothes for ‘fat days’. I won’t turn to them if I don’t have them, right? 

I’ve set a series of small goals for myself. Today I have told myself no sugar for 10 days. No long term goals, no ridiculous feats, nothing. Just cut out sugar for ten days then I take it forward from there. 

I’m putting this out so that I’m held accountable. I hate failing and this time, despite starting off many times, I want to be healthy. I don’t care about skinny. I don’t want to be skinny. I want to be healthy and not have people call me names behind my back (and on my face). 

I have a series of health ailments that have really slowed my progress but my problem is that I use these ailments as a crutch and also excuse myself from not working hard enough. Stupid is as stupid does. I’m only lying to myself that I can’t get to where I want to be because of my ailments. 

Enough with the excuses, enough with the self-loathing, enough with being angry with myself and others. 

This is my life. Only I can fix myself. 


Charity Show for Udta Punjab 

Udta Punjab is an upcoming Indian crime thriller Bollywood film, directed by Abhishek Chaubey. It highlights the intensity of drug abuse in Punjab. The film features Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Diljit Dosanjh in the lead roles.

Sikh Youth Makindu will be featuring the film on the 25th of June 2016 at Sarit Centre from 4pm to 6pm , in order to raise funds for the SIKH HOSPITAL MAKINDU TRAUMA CENTRE being built on Mombasa Road for the safety of the drivers and their families.

Tickets will be sold at kSH 1200/- (inclusive of cocktails) and can be purchased from any Sikh Youth Makindu official member. Come join us for a safer future!



Adventures at Chicago O’Hare Airport 

So the flight from Chicago O’Hare to Newark was delayed by 3hrs. Eventually we boarded, taxied & had to come back to terminal.

This was because flight staff can legally only work fixed hours. Fair enough. Been at carousel for hour & half waiting for baggage.
No sign of bags. Staff gone home. Shuttle to hotel stopped. (Past midnight) On hold to hotel reservations for 37 minutes. Yes. Thirty seven.

It’s 12:25am & we are exhausted. We have precious cargo with us. The bride-to-be!

The next time I feel I lead an uneventful life I should remember this incidence & keep calm. Not like the guy I named John Doe.

John Doe went ballistic talking about lawsuits. I cheered up at his vocal stand. He had the attention of a few of us as we nodded along.
John Doe talked to Tattoo Guy on his way to Vegas. TG gets worked up hearing JD’s story saying he’s been bumped off a flight since 5pm.
JD senses an opportunity to protest even loudly & advises TG ‘you have a case dude’ & carries on telling him more about our dramas.
More protests ensue as they all agree American Airlines is ‘the worst f***ing airline in the whole of America’. Me, I just stare at carousel.
Carousel is spinning but no sign of bags. Passengers from our airline dejectedly start dispersing.
Here I am, blogging all this. I need to sleep. 😲


A Doll Cake At Last! 

I think it may have been last year or early this year when I saw the most beautiful doll cake on a Facebook page. I stopped to comment on the picture, duly admired the beautiful cake and added that I’d never had a doll cake in my life. 
Fast forward to yesterday and I received a call while doing my show. I was told there’s a delivery for me. My first thought was that someone has sent me flowers because that’s usually the case. When I finished my show and came out, the Receptionist handed this over to me and said it was for me. 

I knew at once why I’d received it and was emotional. I’d finally received a doll cake, the first one ever, and I was completely delighted. My kids, when they saw it, gasped just as dramatically as I had. 

I can’t thank @djsakmusic and the entire team at @cakevillekenya for being the first ones to give me my long desired doll cake and for being the first to bake me a birthday cake two weeks in advance! You guys are simply awesome. 

Your kind gesture and thoughtful gift has made a strong mark in my memories. A doll cake at last! 

How do I even cut it and most importantly, may I keep that doll please?! 


Mother’s Day Interview on Single Mothers in The Asian Weekly

The Asian Weekly featured me in their Mother’s Day special pull out. It’s always an honour to be able to share my experiences. A great big thank you to The Asian Weekly team for this. 

Here are the interview questions:

– Occupation

I’m a full time mother first and foremost and for a living I work in media. I’m a radio presenter and a columnist.

– Single Motherhood duration

Hard to put a figure on this. The only time there was any sort of ‘parenting’, if I may call it that, was when they were conceived. I’ve brought up my kids on my own with no help from the father. 

– Number of children and their age

I have 2 kids. A daughter who is fifteen and a son who is eleven.

– Daily schedule

They wake up before me! They’re up early, they get ready for school. I get up when I start hearing activity from their rooms and then it’s a quick breakfast on the go because of the mad traffic conditions, and they take packed lunch from home that is usually packed the night before. They’re in school and I’m at work until the end of my show. I prefer to go pick them myself and during the ride home I get to catch up on how their day has been. What they tell you as soon as they meet you is usually a great indicator of how their day might have been. We get home, I enjoy a nice cup of tea and then start on cooking dinner while they relax for a while and sit down with homework or reading. We have dinner and the kids retire to them rooms by 8pm – obviously not to sleep that early but to wind down before bedtime (no TV on weeknights!) and I get a few hours on my own to catch up with my own work.

– Given your busy schedule, how do you balance work and family?

I feel this is pretty easy. You know what is a priority and needs to be done so you just set out to do it and soon enough it becomes a routine. I wish I could say the same about the gym! 

– What does it take to play both a father and a mother’s role?

 There are days when my eyes well up with tears when I think of the wonderful times I have had with my father and feel bad that my children have missed out on that interaction and love from a father figure. On other days, I feel great that I don’t have to share them! It’s hard work being both parents but it isn’t impossible.

– What are some of the prejudices that you’ve dealt with being a single mother?

Gosh… people actually look down on you, especially other women; and they think you are just out to get their husband! I have never looked for a father for my children. I dealt with the fact a long time ago that if their biological father isn’t interested, why would anyone else want to take over? Also other kids are very mean. They tease kids mercilessly because they don’t have a father. This is especially so if your father left you. If he died, then there’s a lot of sadness and understanding. I know this from experience and the amount of times my son has been bullied for not having a father who never ever came to sports day or didn’t hang out with his son at the weekends and do cool things. Well, I’m far cooler than any daddy and my son endorses that.

– When you look back at the years gone by, is there anything you wish you had done differently?

In my circumstances, no. I feel I’ve done wonderfully with my children. They are well-mannered, respectful and I also haven’t had another parent in their life whom they could play me up against. If mummy has said no it means no. There’s no daddy who is going to undermine mummy’s words.

– What’s the one thing never to tell a single, working mother? 

You should think of settling down and find a father for them. 

I don’t know what goes through people’s minds when they utter stupid things like that. 

– What’s your message to other single, working mothers?

I left the house with no job or money – just my kids. I’ve worked hard and if I can do it, anyone can. Don’t get hindered with other people’s opinions. This is your life, your child/ children, and if no one is helping you educate or feed them, don’t be bullied into listening to anyone. Only you know what is best for your children and no matter what circumstances put you in this position of single motherhood, don’t feel dejected. You may not have asked for this life but just know you are the chosen one for these beautiful souls.

Happy Mother’s Day!

happy kids

Safeguarding your child from paedophiles


P is for… Privates are private

Explain to your child that no one should ask to see or touch their private parts. Sometimes doctors, nurses or family members might have to. Explain that this is OK, but that those people should always explain why, and ask your child if it’s OK first.

A is for… Always remember your body belongs to you

Let your child know their body belongs to them, and no one else. No one has the right to make them do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. And if anyone tries, tell your child they have the right to say no.

N is for… No means no

Make sure your child understands that they have the right to say “no” to unwanted touch – even to a family member or someone they know or love.

T is for… Talk about secrets that upset you

Explain the differences between “good” and “bad” secrets. Phrases like “it’s our little secret” are an abuser’s way of making a child feel worried, or scared to tell someone what is happening to them. Good secrets can be things like surprise parties or presents for other people. Bad secrets make you feel sad, worried or frightened.

S is for… Speak up, someone can help

Tell your child that if they ever feel sad, anxious or frightened they should talk to an adult they trust. This doesn’t have to be a family member. It can also be a teacher or a friend’s parent – ChildLine.

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Creme Caramel 

Yes, it is far easier to make it with a packet mix but it’s more delicious when you make it from scratch. A loved one really enjoys creme caramel despite not having much of a sweet tooth so I thought I’d make some for her. 

Here’s the recipe I used (and modified!). It’s pretty easy to follow. 

For the caramel:

3/4 cup white sugar

1/2 cup water 

For the custard:

1 litre whole milk

6 eggs

1 cup sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla essence 


In a heavy bottom pan, add the sugar and water to make the caramel. Before putting it on to boil, make sure you use a wooden spoon and dissolve the sugar as much as you can. 

Boil until the sugar turns a caramel colour. You’ll be able to judge from the scent that wafts in the kitchen. 

Very carefully, pour either into 8 small ramekins or one big dish. I used a big dish. 

Spread the caramel all over and remember to work swiftly as the caramel will harden on contact with the cold surface and it will be difficult to get it to spread across the dish. 

Once you have done this, take a serviette or piece of kitchen towel and dab butter on it. Use this to line the dish on the inside. 

Beat together the eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla essence and gently pour on top of the cooled and set caramel. 

Put your ramekins or dish in a baking pan and half fill the pan with boiling hot water, taking care not to let any water pour or splash into the custard. 

Bake this for 25-35 minutes in a medium oven (180degC) or until the custard is set. You can check this by dipping in a skewer to check the consistency. It should be set. 

Carefully remove from oven and place the dish with the custard  on a wire rack to cool. After it has cooled down, place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving. 

Turn it upside down on a large dish and serve! The ramekins are great for individual servings. 

It seems like a lot of work but this is one of the simplest desserts I’ve made. 



Doodling and Anger Management 

I have finally finished this doodle. A lot of thinking has gone into it! I usually don’t doodle for creative reasons. It’s because I’m thinking of something that needs to be sorted in my head before I negatively react to it. 

I’ve always done this since I was a kid. Mum often recalls that when I’d be upset, angry or in need to destroy my siblings, I would turn to drawing or painting. 

As I grew older, I turned to being creative for anger management. I’m glad I’m not out there running amok destroying lives! 

What do you do to manage your thought process and anger? Tweet me! @kamz26