Fashion High Tea 2019

    I am always honoured with a very gracious invitation to the Zen Gardenโ€™s annual Fashion High Tea event by Payal and Shivani. Theyโ€™re not strangers to many of us; their warmth, fabulous style, and smiles are their signature greetings. I received my invitation delivered to me with a decadent cake. Iโ€™ll have you know that every year thereโ€™s something fabulous that accompanies that … Continue reading Fashion High Tea 2019

Hospitality and Korogas

Koroga is a Kiswahili word for ‘stir’. It’s a very Kenyan name for something I deem to be a very Kenyan concept. Let me explain.  At least once a week, usually menfolk will meet up at a social club that offers individual cooking facilities for people to get together over drinks while a ‘designated cook’ prepares the dinner. Meat and other ingredients are preordered so … Continue reading Hospitality and Korogas

Mumm’s the word!

It’s always such a pleasure to receive an invitation to try out Nairobi’s finest food and drink, handpicked by EatOut Kenya and SHK Consulting. An invitation to a private champagne brunch was a welcome sight in the inbox and I promptly accepted.  The brunch was being hosted at the lush and serene Zen Gardens on Lower Kabete Road. Cyrus Ndegwa, the supervisor, warmly welcomed us … Continue reading Mumm’s the word!