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Lion – A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly 

I saw many updates on Facebook after this movie was released how my friends and family loved watching it. I resisted temptation by not watching the movie first and got the book to read. Unfortunately because of work commitments I didn’t get around to reading it until I impulsively packed it in my bag to read it on holiday. 

Lion made fantastic poolside reading. I was stuck in the book from the word go and I recall getting goosebumps twice while reading it. 

Imagining little Saroo struggling to find his way home, going on the endless train ride, hunting for food, escaping from weirdoes and eventually ending up in Australia had me on edge. I’m still marvelling at how, in a population of a billion people, Saroo managed to find his way home all the way from Australia. 

I loved how the names remembered by a child were very differently written, how Ginestalay was something so totally different! You’ll have to read it to know why this was one of the reasons I had goosebumps. 

The journey is incredible and I had to slow down reading the book only because I didn’t want it to end. Read it, enjoy it, and pass the book on. I’ve given my copy to my daughter to read. 


Charity Show for Udta Punjab 

Udta Punjab is an upcoming Indian crime thriller Bollywood film, directed by Abhishek Chaubey. It highlights the intensity of drug abuse in Punjab. The film features Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Diljit Dosanjh in the lead roles.

Sikh Youth Makindu will be featuring the film on the 25th of June 2016 at Sarit Centre from 4pm to 6pm , in order to raise funds for the SIKH HOSPITAL MAKINDU TRAUMA CENTRE being built on Mombasa Road for the safety of the drivers and their families.

Tickets will be sold at kSH 1200/- (inclusive of cocktails) and can be purchased from any Sikh Youth Makindu official member. Come join us for a safer future!


Banning Movies Because of Religious Sentiment

PK Poster

Mid December last year (gosh, that sounds like a long time ago) I took my kids to the cinemas to watch a much-awaited Bollywood movie P.K. that starred superstar Aamir Khan. A few months before the released first-look posters caused quite a stir with Amir Khan posing stark naked with just a transistor radio to give him decency. I’m yet to understand why that caused a furore because he would have been less covered had he been wearing just a swimsuit.

Anyway, we went to watch the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a great life lesson in the movie, and I know this isn’t going to serve as a spoiler, but the movie talked about something very important regarding religion. I guess those who wanted to understand the message in the movie did so without any problem and got on with life. The rest called for the movie to be banned or said it hurt their religious sentiments.

In his search for ‘God’, P.K. (that was the name of Aamir’s character) gets dejected and no one seems to have the answers he is looking for. He does everything that is required of him but he still doesn’t get the answers when he realizes that all answers are within. The message being given out, basically, is that look within you for answers, be a good person, realise that the strength lies in you and not others.

I’m so glad that my children watched this movie because on the way home, as we discussed it, I was glad to note that they had picked on the lesson themselves. They had rationalized everything and knew that it takes faith in yourself to create your positivity and not some ‘Manager of God’ who will tell you how to get rid of your problems in exchange for money and other silly rituals one might have to perform to get relief from the problem.

So I’m thinking, if my kids can rationalize like that, why can’t grown ups, calling to ban the movie, think that way too? Calling to ban the movie because it has hurt religious sentiment is a bit silly. Is that how strong your faith in your religion is that you feel threatened by a mere movie that tells you to look within for all answers? If the movie is so upsetting, why go watch it in the first place, and if you are sitting in the cinema watching it, and it’s upsetting you, why are you sitting in there watching it to the end?

I heard of people vandalizing and destroying cinemas in India as a mark of protest. IDIOTS! Is that what your religion teaches you? I thought religion was about love, respect, tolerance and forgiving? I was so happy to note that the Supreme Court in India refused to ban the film. If entertainment is hurting religious sentiment, then you go sit in your place of worship instead of watching the movie made purely for entertainment because you can’t seem to put the two in their compartments.

No one’s religion is better than the other. No one’s ‘God’ is mightier than the other. There was nothing disrespectful at all about the movie, in my opinion, and I strongly suggest you watch it if you haven’t. If you do not know how to control your religious emotions and get worked up at everything, then don’t watch it. Stay where you are and turn to the chapter in your Book that teaches tolerance and throw away your need to be destructive.

I have enough faith in my Maker not to have to ask someone to perform miracles for me when life isn’t going right for me in exchange of ‘donations’ or offerings. I have enough faith in the Word to realize with humility that I am getting back what I give out to the Universe. I know that my mission in life is to be good and do good unto others. When I’m suffering, I am not to go to a ‘Manager of God’ and seek help in getting life back in order but do my best to overcome adversities and apply logic to sort problems out. With the faith and belief that I can do it.

I also believe there is a God and that She has a great sense of humour too.

This column may have people wanting to destroy me, but then again, that depends on what their God teaches them. Have a great week.

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania – Deep-ends review

It’s been long! Welcome back ‘Deep-ends’. Your movie reviews were missed!
~ Kamal


Humpty Sharma
Despite being a Punjabi, a film with a name like “Humpty” in it, is not very encouraging! But sources I respect had given it the thumbs up, so a bunch of us huddled up with popcorn in a half empty theatre on Monday night. It started with the familiar audio of Kuch Kuch hota hai which was immediately encouraging, as a typical Dharma (Karan Johar) production conjures up images of guaranteed ingredients including, a full-scale Punjabi shaadi, splatter of gay humor, some NRIs, good music with the inevitable Rahat Fateh Ali Khan vocals and a sizable piece of family drama!

Trust me, this film does not disappoint in any of those aspects. In fact, there are some refreshing deviations from the norm, like the NRI is actually a very likable guy and does not speak broken Hindi with a twang! Even the “location” is refreshing…for a change, the entire movie is shot in India! 😉 There is a conscious ode to DDLJ which Karan Johar openly admits is the most iconic movie of the 90’s. Honestly, after Student of the year, Siddharath Malhotra is really my favorite actor from the new crop but Varun Dhawan is likable in this role of a clichéd, naughty but kind hearted boy, who meets and falls in love with the bratty girl from Ambala.

Alia is adorable and a very natural actress. She does well as the beer guzzling Kavya, who just wants an atrociously expensive “designer” lengha from Dehli for her wedding and goes drinking with 3 boys that she has just met, and spends a night in their apartment…not advisable especially in Dehli, where the most horrendous stories are coming out of! But of course, in the land of Bollywood, reality must take a break! Manish Malhotra, comes in full play with his collection of bridal lenghas from which to choose from. Before I make a trip to India, can someone please give me the address of the place in Dehli where you can get MM knock-offs for a third of the price?! All-in-all, a very enjoyable movie! Everything that we have come to love about Karan Johar, packaged into the 2 ½ hour escape from reality! I give it 4 out of 5 stars.