The Woozy Day

I’m getting off the effects of General Anesthetic as I write this. No, it’s not a regular habit or occurrence. It’s just that I had to get a medical procedure done and hence the need for it. As I write this I hope some silly git spammer doesn’t pick up on the words medical and anesthetic and send me offers of cheap viagra. I swear I don’t need it!

The day has gone by in a daze and I even painted my nails black for some strange reason. It’s strange because I’m more likely to wear pink or red or some other ‘safe’ colour like that. Perhaps the black was a reflection of my mood. Maybe I saw The Light while in the operation theatre. I have no recollection of any near death experiences, if any.

I have most of tomorrow to recuperate and look forward to chatting more with you over here….

Do you see butterflies during NDEs??

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