Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Like Water For Chocolate

Despite the fact that she has fallen in love with a young man, Tita, the youngest of three daughters born to a tyrannical rancher, must obey tradition and remain single and at home to care for her mother.ย Tita who longs her entire life to marry her lover, Pedro, but can never have him because of her mother’s upholding of the family tradition of the youngest daughter not marrying but taking care of her mother until the day she dies. Tita is only able to express herself when she cooks. Pedro marries Titaโ€™s sister Rosaura only to be close to her andย as the story unfolds, Pedro begins to fall under the developing spell of romance caused by Tita’s cookingย who unconsciously begins to use the power of food to draw Pedro away from Rosaura, with the rest of the family and hired workers playing roles in the scheme.

The story unfolds to high drama with the ending that makes you sob if youโ€™re a soppy person like me. Might seem a bit unrealistic but I feel the ending was pretty justified after having read and enjoyed the book from the beginning to the end.

I also loved each month beginning the chapter with a recipe. Watched the movie and it was also really well made, but like with all movies based on a book Iโ€™d recommend you read the book first. Also this is a Spanish movie so I had to make use of subtitles, which I find very distracting, but I really did enjoy it.

I’d read this book again and again.

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