Patricia Amira and a groupie called Kamal Kaur

The Gorgeous Patricia Amira

I have the least bit of healthy disrespect for any celebrity. Say what you want but there is no way I will sneer at a celebrity when they are standing right next to me, exuding their ‘celebritiness’ and smiling away at me. This includes politicians and this is only because I don’t recognise many of them so I don’t count them as celebrities.

At Lion Place it’s not unknown for famous people to walk through our secure doors and half the time I’m so taken with this fame that I don’t realise I’m smiling at a celebrity. You see the thing is that because we see these famous personalities on our TV screens all the time it’s like we know them so well. I’m going to digress here and tell you of what happened with my Mum in Hyderabad once. She had gone to India for a pilgrimage and she had to catch a flight from Hyderabad to Delhi to come back home to Nairobi and while she was in the lounge waiting for her flight a tall handsome man clad in a white kurta-pyjama (Indian attire for men), walked in, smiled and nodded at Mum and settled down to read the newspapers while waiting for his flight too. Mum smiled back, a bit confused because she couldn’t figure out who he was and where she knew him from or if he was a relative (from Dad’s side of course…!) and departed for Delhi. It was when the trolley of refreshments came around is when Mum realised she had just seen Amitabh Bhachchan! I have never forgiven her for not getting an autograph, by the way.

So I was on air while Patricia was in the Production Studio next door and I was standing stretching my back and I was admiring her skirt’s style (very funky if you ask me) when my eyes met hers and she smiled. Patricia’s a star. She smiles at everyone. At that point I hadn’t totally realised it was Patricia who had just awarded me her 1000 watt smile – my aching back was getting more attention. Then suddenly it dawned on me who she was and my eyes widened and again she caught my eye and waved! OH MY GOODNESS!! Patricia waved at me! I was very close to leaving the studio to go next door to hug her and take my phone to take a picture with her but of course I couldn’t leave being on air (also my boss might be reading this so I best let him know I really do behave a lot in the studio… Ed you can stop sniggering).

Later on Lance, who has been with Radio Africa when we apparently had just one table, 3 chairs and a mixer, told me that Patricia had recognised me. I wish I could demonstrate to you how loud my whoops of joy were before I got into nonchalant mode that THE Patricia Amira had recognised me. Being the Facebook addict I am, I immediately let the world know what had happened and loved the comments that started pouring in. Kweli, I felt like a ‘propah star’!

So now I want to be a part of her show… even being in the audience will do! Anyone got any contacts?

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