Facing My Fears (well, one of them)

I have always feared swimming for the simple reason that when I was in primary school, the swimming teacher pushed me into the deep end thinking he’s doing me a frikking favour. Either she’ll swim or she’ll drown was his theory, leaning more towards ‘she’ll learn to swim’ but unfortunately he just ended up scarring me for life.

All these years I have been really scared of getting into water. I think I must have brought in the most sick notes for swimming lessons because even now as I’m writing this my mouth is going dry and my heart is beating faster than normal because of my fear of drowning.

This has also haunted me in my dreams. Every time I am in disagreement with someone that person always tries to drown me. Of late it has been haunting me a lot. For almost 2 months I’ve been having this recurring dream that someone is trying to drown me and I cannot breathe or swim to the surface and breathe. And then I finally decided to face my fear in reality. I felt that if I faced my fear head on it would not haunt me head on. So I started taking swimming lessons. I’m still on lesson 3 and I don’t expect to break records like that Dunford fellow but I will learn to swim to not allow myself or anyone else to drown me. Either in real life or my dreams.

One thought on “Facing My Fears (well, one of them)

  1. Hi there Kamal – this is a good way to overcome the scare that you got when you were younger… shame on the swimming teacher to have done this !! I feel you and trust me, just give yourself time – and take it slowly – the scare will eventually leave your system. The right way to deal with it is to go headon and this is exactly what you have done girl… go for it – and hey – did I tell you – its VERY BRAVE of you to talk about it ! Good luck and let me know if you need help coz I am a very good swimmer. Cheers and God bless. Mwah.


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