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Ever since we saw the promos of this movie, the kids and I promised ourselves to watch this at the cinemas instead of a bootleg DVD version at home and Tangled hit our cinemas last week and we’ve been itching to go but too many social obligations have not allowed us. This evening, on an impulse, I decided enough is enough and packed the kids into the car and off we went to watch Tangled.

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Tangled is a twist of the classic Rapunzel. There’s a vagabond called Flynn who somehow finds his way into Rapunzel’s tower and the adventures they have are funny, romantic, scary and at one point, heart-stopping. The romance is not cheesy. The one liners are funny and the lanterns are oh-so-beautiful. I thought this would be one of those movies that I’d probably start gagging over 5 minutes into it but was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed myself and the kids loved it too. Maximus the Horse was great as well and I loved the scene where Man and Horse have a petulant nudge-fest which instantly reminded me of my kids. It was very funny.

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Do watch this movie. The characters, every one of them including the Chameleon, have an impact on the movie and I will most definitely invest in a heavy frying pan, grow my hair very long and dye it blonde and wait for my Flynn to come rescue me. This was a sort-of almost believable fairy tale with a happy ending.

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One thought on “Tangled

  1. I loved it!! Especially her hair-cut plus it was instant unlike the normal one you’d get at the salon!!! I’m definitely waiting for my ‘hair-dressing’ vagabond!! Okay, maybe i’ll scratch the ‘hair-dressing’ part!! I also want my own Maximus!! As for the the pan, Nakumatt, here I come!!


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