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So just in case it has escaped your notice or youโ€™re like me who couldnโ€™t really care less about the partying aspect of ushering in yet another New Year, today is the last day of the year. For many this will signify the end of a year that has had many ups and downs, loss and gain, pain and relief and a whole list of things that allows one to start getting reflective.

By reflective I mean that not too long ago I used to use this time of the year, the last few days or so, taking stock of what had happened, putting pen to paper and giving myself a minimum of twelve goals to achieve by the end of next year. Whoever said โ€˜Resolutions are made to be brokenโ€™ must have been my soul mate.

I have a running battle with weight issues. Every damn year I promise myself to get into shape. By mid-January I convince myself that โ€˜roundโ€™ is a shape. Then again towards my birthday, which falls around mid-year, I say the same. I realise my problem is that I set myself unrealistic goals and itโ€™s no wonder I just give up.

So this year I have decided not to set unrealistic goals. Iโ€™ve just decided not to set any at all! First of all, thereโ€™s no way I want to spend the first two weeks of the year living in guilt if I cheat on my diet by indulging in my greatest weakness โ€“ chocolate. In my humble opinion, chocolate is the food of gods, and while Iโ€™m no Aphrodite or Venus I know Iโ€™m Kamal Kaur and I deserve the best in life.

Having said that what I have done is given myself a stern warning. Iโ€™m not stopping myself from indulging but I have strictly warned myself that if anything happens to me health-wise Iโ€™ll have no one to look after my kids and what kind of a selfish mother does that make me? So for my kids sake I am going to try and behave better than I did all year and convince myself that round may be a shape but itโ€™s not one I want to be.

In other news, I just canโ€™t wait for 2010 to be over. I have never ever liked the month of December and this year was no exception. I lost a few loved ones in separate incidences to road accidents and have been pretty sombre this month.

I wonโ€™t do a quick short โ€˜Best Of 2010โ€™ summary because everyone else seems to be doing that. What I will do is wish you and your loved ones a great start to 2011. From my family to friends, from the bosses to the colleagues, I stand tall and proud to know that I have a strong support system holding me upright. Three years ago I had no self-confidence at all after my separation and was told I will never amount to anything in life. I was called a loser. Three years on I have proved those words wrong. I may not be on the Forbes List but I am on the payroll of Radio Africa. I may not have the same friends I did three years ago but today I have friends I know who will do anything for me if the need ever arises. I may not be leading the extravagant lifestyle I did three years ago but I earn my own living and am not a rich bored homemaker. And above this all, my two wonderful children who have had to grow up before their time unfortunately have been my single reason to wake up each morning and move ahead.

Have a wonderful start to the year and may it sustain throughout. If you are going out partying tonight be sensible if you will indulge in alcohol. And above all, keep reading the Star because that way Mr Pike might just give me an astronomical pay rise. Happy New Year.

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