Carjacked! Well, almost!

carjacking.jpg (376×345)

So I’m thinking it’s not really been my week. Shall I start from the top? Well last week I had my house-helper rob me and not a week had passed when I have another incidence. Last week I said I was robbed but it wasn’t one of those gun-wielding incidences. I must pay more attention to my son when he says ‘Mummy there is power in the tongue’ because I had a gun wielding incidence too.

I woke up on Sunday morning at around half past six. I know it sounds abnormal but I was working that morning so it was out of necessity. It had been pouring all night so I was pretty reluctant to get out of my warm bed. Anyway, I got up, had a shower, did my prayers and within thirty-five minutes was ready to leave the house.

After some instructions to the gardener I sat in the car and started fiddling with cleaning out the rubbish the kids had left on the back seats. Eventually I drove out and took a shortcut I usually take that passes a quiet road and a church just behind my house. There was a slight drizzle and I had a CD of hymns playing in the car and I was reciting along with it. I got to a T-junction and on my right I saw a white Toyota Corolla parked haphazardly and my first thought was that the car’s probably been left there by the owner because it probably had water choking it because of the rain or someone probably got carjacked and the car has been abandoned there.

I’m driving along as I’m thinking this when I see three men walking in the middle of the road about fifty yards away from the car. I didn’t give it much thought. There are many people in Kenya who just walk in the middle of the road for no damn good reason so I just hooted lightly to attract their attention to get them to jump out of the way.

Next thing I know they defiantly stand in the middle of the road and the guy in the middle reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gun and aims it at me! At this point I was still reciting the hymns and I later realized as all this was happening in slow motion I was yelling out the prayers non-stop! Back to the thieving bastards, the one in the middle is pointing the gun at me while the other two tried to jump at my car. I started hooting madly to attract the attention of the domestic askaris at the nearby houses. It was a narrow residential road with houses on either side and I thought attracting attention would be the best thing to do. I also revved my car and did a 70kmp/h in 0-5 seconds. I just drove straight at the bloody bastards to knock them down but two jumped to the right and fell into the ditch and the one on the left moved out of the way. I drove off really fast and I’m lucky they didn’t shoot at me.

I know that when you’re being given anti-carjacking advice the first thing you’re taught is not to resist but instinct and reflex don’t seem to realize that when push comes to shove. I know I got lucky but I also know had I reached that T-junction 2 minutes before they would have definitely pounced on me and shot at me. I was just very lucky.

I went straight to the East FM studio as I was supposed to be on air by 8am and Pete Sinclair the group programme controller was really very nice and sympathetic and made me drink lots of sugary water to stop me shaking and retching with fear. He also told me I could go back home instead of doing the show but I just chose to stay there and continue with my work. Truth be told I was still shaking and continued doing so for at least 2 hours and was really scared to go back.

So in a nutshell it hasn’t been a fabulous time for me and I hope this spate of bad luck diminishes completely soonest! Send me car-jacking tips if you have any. I need to condition my mind and reflexes to be more careful and extra vigilant in case it happens again to me. I’m still SO SCARED!


  1. HA! well for what it is worth they didn’t get anything. That being said, why didn’t you actually run one of them down. Just point and, well, drive. Thieving bastards indeed.


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