Don’t Judge My Shopping Trolley!

I can’t stress enough how bored I am at home doing nothing but lying on my bed counting the cracks in the ceilings. This bed-rest nonsense is just not cut out for me but I have no choice so i’m trying to fulfill it to the best of my ability. Two weeks into it and I’m almost climbing the walls.

climbing_walls.jpg (450ร—356)

Over the weekend I had a doctor’s follow-up appointment and was graciously driven to my appointment by my Mum’s driver and I thought I’d indulge in some grocery shopping. I haven’t been lacking in that department as Dad has been kindly sending over basic groceries for me but there were some things I needed to shop for myself and also a certain young man’s birthday is coming up and I needed to start shopping for his special day too. I got to my local mall and went to the supermarket, grabbed a trolley from the four that were left and started my business of filling it up.

There I was minding my own business, as one does or is meant to, stocking up on foods for the birthday celebrations and also the regular household stuff when I bumped into someone I know of. Let’s just say I’m civil enough to nod a hello in her direction and not donate a kidney if she wanted it. That out of the way, I catch her looking into my trolley and to my horror I saw her raise an over-plucked eyebrow at the contents in my trolley! The sneer and look of disdain was the icing on top of this rather ugly cake!

shopping-trolley.jpg (303ร—364)

Now i happen to know this woman is a die-hard fan of all things natural, organic, MSG, and what not free but seriously tell me something – did she have the right to judge my trolley contents? So WHAT if it was full of stuff from the processed food counter? So what if I had chocolate in my trolley? For goodness sake, chocolate IS a major food group!

chocolate_the_other_major_food_group_tshirt-p2352370415515614143smz_400.jpg (400ร—400)

Anyway, all said and done, all vented and raged, I must say I was quite amused to see the holier-than-thou bovine buy a huge bottle of ketchp that’s known to be full of sugar, artificial colouring, flavours and what not. I’m not apologising for having a good laugh but karma can get back at you like no one’s business. I seem to have strained my back again after the laden-shopping trolley incidence and i can’t help feeling that if I was going to suffer like that I should have also run over her foot with my trolley laden with ‘junk food’ just to teach her a lesson.

Yes, yes… I know. Karma and all. But the thought was funny.


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