Londonstani – Gautam Malkani

I saw this book lying on the New Arrivals shelf at my favourite bookstore and the title did catch my eye. I like reading Asian authors not because they tend to win the token Booker Prize every now and then but because I sometimes relate to what is going on in a book.

Jas’s narration throughout the book had me hooked. The descriptions were vivid and I was transported to London with the word play in this book. It’s UK Asian youth exactly like it is over there. From the language, to the accents and the attitude… it’s all there. ย I can’t just read one book at a time so this was one of the many I was reading. I actually stopped reading all the others to concentrate on Londonstani. Excellent book with a bit of strong language though itโ€™s nothing I have uttered from my potty mouth at times!

The characters in this book are vastly interesting and each one has strong influences โ€“ Jas, Samira, Hardjit, Ravi, Arun and not forgetting Sanjay. I canโ€™t get into this without doing a spoiler on the plot.

Good stuff – I didn’t see the ending coming the way it did. Londonstani is a well-written story and I strongly suggest you get your hands on this book, read it and enjoy it.

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