When It Comes To Offending

Together we must fit to complete the bigger picture

A fortnight back I had travelled to UK for my cousin brother’s wedding and I also had some other private business that needed to be sorted out, which had to be dealt with before the Easter weekend because the person whom I was supposed to meet was travelling away for the long Bank Holiday weekend and it was important that I meet this person before I came back from my quick short trip.

In all this, I seem to have been struck off the family register and also that of some friends. Apparently they’re all mad as hell with me for not getting in touch with them when I was there or go to their homes to visit them. The ones who know me well understood my predicament but the ones who didn’t want to understand have been bitching about me. Yes, I’m related to these people.

So the thing is that when I was down and out I remember exactly who was there for me. The work I had come to do was far more important than hob-nobbing with relatives who really don’t give a damn about me or my kids so I chose to keep away and concentrate on the work at hand.  Basically I’ve been cut off! Check me out… I’m the black sheep of the family!

In all this, I have learnt that in life only the people who unconditionally love you will stand by you and understand so I stand tall and proud because of the people by my side. The ones who don’t think I’m worth it have long abandoned me. I believe it’s called decluttering…

We’re all part of one big jigsaw puzzle and whether we like it or not, we as individual pieces, must fit to make the bigger picture or we’re incomplete.


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