Of Brand Loyalty And Love For Beautiful Things

Thou Shall Not Question Kamal Kaurโ€™s Loyalty

– Kamal Kaur

The good thing about being me is that I have learnt to make rules as I go along and can also break them becauseโ€ฆhey!… I made them so I can eradicate them too. Sometimes when Iโ€™m writing in my journal I pause to reflect and will randomly go back a few days, months, weeks or even years to see what I was saying then and I sometimes grin at my audacity and gasp out aloud at the things Iโ€™ve jotted down.

Thereโ€™s one thing for sure about me and that is the fact that I am a sucker for beautiful things. I love to own things that are pretty, beautiful, useful, the โ€˜in thingโ€™ and everything else. I have often proclaimed that the billboards you see everywhere are there because of suckers like me. If an advert is damn good I will buy the product even if I donโ€™t need it or it will make me want to buy something even though most of the time I just canโ€™t afford it.

Take those humungous billboards in Westlands area, Nairobi, these days. Thereโ€™s one that is advertising some luxury apartments for quite a few million bob. I looked at it and wanted one straightaway. Itโ€™s besides the point; Iโ€™m blessed with a roof over my head and I live very comfortably but just the mere sight of the artistโ€™s impression of what the building will look like once itโ€™s completed had me craving to move into that apartment block.

Then there was this advert for a Samsung Galaxy tablet. I wanted it. Youโ€™re probably thinking thereโ€™s nothing wrong in wanting a Galaxy tablet but if you know me well youโ€™ll also know I own an iPad, so owning a tablet is actually a moot point. I also didnโ€™t want one because Iโ€™m in need. I just wanted one for the sake of owning it and because I quite liked the adverts just near the Sarit Centre roundabout and the kids also thought it was cool. But Iโ€™m a through and through Apple product person so this was just one of โ€˜thoseโ€™ moments for me.

Iโ€™m not looking to be lectured on my priorities or outlook. Iโ€™m accustomed to a certain lifestyle that I can afford most of the time so getting oneโ€™s knickers in a twist because one does not agree with my perception isnโ€™t a big deal to me. Itโ€™s another thing if someone else was having to foot the bills for my indulgences. Then Iโ€™d probably be remorseful and not covet things advertised on large billboards everywhere I go. But the thing is that I buy my own stuff and once in a while a kind soul will gift me something I like so I count my blessings and get on with it.

Talking about it doesnโ€™t make me a show-off. Iโ€™m being appreciative and once again, if someone feels Iโ€™m showing off then Iโ€™ll just say thereโ€™s nothing to stop you from getting what you want besides yourself. If you really want something you can always find a means to get it โ€“ matter of priorities.

Now excuse me while I go and check out the sale at this top clothing chain that promises a further 40% reduction on sale items.


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