The Poetry Korner on Kamal’s Korner comes alive with the musings of one talented ‘Govinda’ who will share his poetic abilities and musings on Kamal’s Korner.
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– Kamal Kaur

For the one that still means some thing to me for what she was and not what she is.

She once came into my dark love life, like the sun rising in the east dispersing darkness. As the sun became brighter and brighter, she became closer and closer to me, walking into my life blinding with her glow, it was now I realized that love was blind.

The closer she came, the more wonderful life became, we walked, talked and did everything hand in hand. It was now like the sun was at its brightest, nothing could have gone wrong anyway anyhow.

But maybe it was the gods who forbade thus leading to my fate or was it my entire mistake? As she furthered away from me, it then struck to me that my love was only for a day. As the sun rises, shines and sets, she had come, stayed and left, slowly setting into darkness in my love life again. What could it be? Didnโ€™t I love her enough? Maybe I loved her too much. Was it that I was too slow for her or was she too fast? Whatever it was, it left me puzzled because I then wished for that day never to end in that particular thing of my life.

I still wish from that day onwards, for once could the sun change its ways for me and rise in the west bringing back my love to me and never to set but stay forever shinning bright.

If only it were possible but this is how I would express my love, as in a day.



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