Youโ€™d think that one drama of life gets over with me and then thatโ€™s it for the next seven years or so. Iโ€™m thinking I must have broken a lot of mirrors in my lifetime to have a continuous spate of bad luck and unnecessary drama being attracted towards me.

What is it THIS TIME? I hear you sigh. Look, Iโ€™m well aware that there are far worse problems in this world than just mine alone but that also doesnโ€™t mean that my problems are insignificant. Every human in this world seems to be going through some sort of trial or tribulation so itโ€™s not fair to be quick to judge anyone. What may seem small to you might be the worst thing that has ever happened to anybody. There is no need to mete out othersโ€™ problems with your own as a gauge.

So now let me get to the crux of the matter here. Last year my laptop crashed and the fantastically silly person that I am, I had nothing backed up. My Dad gifted me a new laptop and life was beautiful again albeit the lack of documents that I had lost. Eventually even those were recovered and all was well.

Last week, due to a software problem the operating system on my new laptop had to be replaced. How now brown cow, I asked myself. The machine was less than a year old and when you invest in a Mac after selling body parts for it (or pretending to) the least you expect is that it give you service forever, ever after.

I did what I do best. I cried and then I called a mate who told me where to take the machine, which was part of the place where Iโ€™d originally bought it. When I got there, the technicians looked at me very gravely and asked me straight up why I didnโ€™t ever back up anything. I soon realized Iโ€™d better get used to hearing that because every time someone found out about my crashed laptop, they all asked if I had backed up, I said no and of course I got admonished for it.

Note To Self: Please back up!

I got off air from East FM at 4pm and rushed back to the offices to see if my laptop was ready and was told it will take a little while longer than calculated as they had to reinstall the operating system and very luckily for me, had managed to retrieve my documents, and especially my music, which to me is irreplaceable.

Martin and Cyrus were fantastic and made sure my machine was all sorted properly. They sat there way until after closing time making sure everything was in order and even gave me a couple of impromptu lessons on how to look after the Mac and tutorials too to utilize the machine properly. I was really very grateful to these two fantastic lads.

Like I said, I know everyoneโ€™s woes in this world are different compared to mine but it is things like this that almost make my world fall apart. And after all I do have a tendency to attract all sorts of dramas to myself donโ€™t I?

Learn a lesson from me in two simple words โ€“ Back Up!






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