A Family (Poem)

Sharing with you a beautiful poem penned by ‘Govinda’.
Hope you enjoy….

-Kamal Kaur

I tell you all what I feel in my heart

My brothers and sister fight

Instead of reunite

Everyone looks up to our family

But what happens within is another story

Well the wise man did say that nobodyโ€™s perfect

Then why behave as though you deserve that respect?

They think they know so much?

Do this, do that they say

As if they are above alย 

Stand in my shoes I say

And live the experience I have today

Although it may not be that much

But the world beyond your petit cocoon

ย Is a million times bigger than the way you stay in your room!

ย You may be the king there

But wake up one day

To earn your stay

โ€˜Love thy neighbourโ€™ said another wise man

But what about your family I say

Love thy family then another

So why go look for a neighbour to love

When those who care

Should be the ones whom you share

What you call a FAMILY.

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