Friend, Best Friend

Some more poetry penned by ‘Govinda’. Your comments will be highly appreciated.
~Kamal Kaur

Before lovers become a couple, friends are what they are, unless you believe in love at first sight, but Iโ€™d say it is lust.


A friend in need is a friend indeed, but your worst enemy can only be one who was your best friend indeed. Not the fact that you hate each other now, but that you loved each other first.


You can only hate someone if you loved him or her before thus people avoid commitment so as not to encounter hurt.


Why is it that when two are of the same sex are friends itโ€™s alright, but if of opposite sex then there has to more than friends. I guess those are the ways of the world, canโ€™t a boy and girl just be friends?


Hurting your best friend is like one of the worst sins to commit. Itโ€™s like your mother betraying you, someone you love and trust suddenly portrays the picture as insensitive and that hurts the most.


You feel alone thus many have to make the choice between marriage and mates. Itโ€™s not the same afterwards, I guess that is why many donโ€™t marry or do not have friends.


It hurts even more when you know that you have lost a best friend you once had. Makes you realize it is easy to make friends but the hardest to keep them.


You do not say much, they do not involve you or ask your opinion. You talk too much and they avoid you. Now how was I to know what to understand? I need to be understood as well. I do not understand myself how the hell am I supposed to expect others to understand me?


I guess different stages in our lives lead us to live different lives every time, some change once or twice and some change all the time.


How do you keep a friend then?


I guess those who are there when you change, accept you, as you part, and do not keep in touch, you have changed.


Friends, you need them at times like this, when you feel lonely, not understood, low, lifeless, friendless and sensitive. Where are you my friends, I need you?


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